Library for work with Git repository in PHP.

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Library for work with Git repository in PHP.

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Download a latest package or use Composer:

composer require czproject/git-php

Library requires PHP 5.4 or later and git client (path to Git must be in system variable PATH).

Git installers:


// create repo object
$repo = new Cz\Git\GitRepository('/path/to/repo');

// create a new file in repo
$filename = $repo->getRepositoryPath() . '/readme.txt';
file_put_contents($filename, "Lorem ipsum
	sit amet

// commit
$repo->commit('init commit');

Initialization of empty repository

$repo = GitRepository::init('/path/to/repo-directory');

With parameters:

$repo = GitRepository::init('/path/to/repo-directory', array(
	'--bare', // creates bare repo

Cloning of repository

// Cloning of repository into subdirectory 'git-php' in current working directory
$repo = GitRepository::cloneRepository('');

// Cloning of repository into own directory
$repo = GitRepository::cloneRepository('', '/path/to/my/subdir');

Basic operations

$repo->hasChanges();    // returns boolean
$repo->commit('commit message');


// adds files into commit
$repo->addFile('file1.txt', 'file2.txt');
$repo->addFile(array('file3.txt', 'file4.txt'));

// renames files in repository
$repo->renameFile('old.txt', 'new.txt');
    'old1.txt' => 'new1.txt',
    'old2.txt' => 'new2.txt',

// removes files from repository
$repo->removeFile('file1.txt', 'file2.txt');
$repo->removeFile(array('file3.txt', 'file4.txt'));

// adds all changes in repository

// returns last commit ID on current branch or NULL


// gets list of all repository branches (remotes & locals)

// gets list of all local branches

// gets name of current branch

// creates new branch

// creates new branch and checkout
$repo->createBranch('patch-1', TRUE);

// removes branch


// gets list of all tags in repository

// creates new tag
$repo->createTag('v1.0.0', $options);
$repo->createTag('v1.0.0', array(
	'-m' => 'message',

// renames tag
$repo->renameTag('old-tag-name', 'new-tag-name');

// removes tag


// pulls changes from remote
$repo->pull('remote-name', array('--options'));

// pushs changes to remote
$repo->push('remote-name', array('--options'));
$repo->push('origin', array('master', '-u'));

// fetchs changes from remote
$repo->fetch('remote-name', array('--options'));
$repo->fetch('origin', array('master'));

// adds remote repository
$repo->addRemote('remote-name', 'repository-url', array('--options'));
$repo->addRemote('origin', '');

// renames remote
$repo->renameRemote('old-remote-name', 'new-remote-name');
$repo->renameRemote('origin', 'upstream');

// removes remote

// changes remote URL
$repo->setRemoteUrl('remote-name', 'new-repository-url');
$repo->removeRemote('upstream', '');

Troubleshooting - How to provide username and password for commands

  1. use SSH instead of HTTPS -
  2. store credentials to Git Credential Storage
  3. insert user and password into remote URL -
    • git remote add origin https://user:password@server/path/repo.git
  4. for push() you can use --repo argument -
    • $git->push(NULL, array('--repo' => 'https://user:password@server/path/repo.git'));

Other commands

For running other commands you can use execute method:

$output = $repo->execute('command');
$output = $repo->execute(array('command', 'with', 'parameters'));

// example:
$repo->execute(array('remote', 'set-branches', $originName, $branches));

Custom methods

You can create custom methods. For example:

class OwnGitRepository extends \Cz\Git\GitRepository
	public function setRemoteBranches($name, array $branches)
		return $this->begin()
			->run('git remote set-branches', $name, $branches)

$repo = new OwnGitRepository('/path/to/repo');
$repo->addRemote('origin', 'repository-url');
$repo->setRemoteBranches('origin', array(

License: New BSD License
Author: Jan Pecha,