Charm Framework

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Welcome to the Charm - the magnetic framework!

The hassle-free php environment for the real world.

Now including: The magnet! Just entry and explore this entire world by starting with C::


  • Own routing engine based on phroute with serialization support (route filters can't be a closure right now when you cache the appstorage)

  • PSR16 Caching engine: Redis cache failover (if redis not present -> just get data manually)

  • Option to renew remember me cookie on every page visit for another time period

  • Cache: When removing entries, remove the associated tags as well, if existing

  • Better Autocomplete, especially in PHPStorm. Create IDE helper file similar to barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper:

  • Validator: Validator for Charm. Validate request fields by data type (like php built-in validator or packages), with good error handling

    $val = Charm::Validator()->validate([
    	'name' => 'string',
    	'age' => 'numeric'
    if(!$val->isValid()) {
    	return Json::make([
    		'type' => 'error',
    		'errors' => $val->getErrors()
    getErrors() : array ['request_key' => 'value', 'age' => 'wrongFormat', 'name' => 'empty']

PHP 8 Roadmap

  • Move routes system to controller class + method attributes to make code cleaner + easier
    • go through classes + methods instead of routes files, add filter methods
    • documentation
  • Code refactoring: Better / less docblocks, better argument names etc.