Library to detect Browsers and Devices


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This library requires PHP 7.1+. Also a PSR-3 compatible logger and a PSR-16 compatible cache are required.


Run the command below to install via Composer

composer require mimmi20/browser-detector


Before you can use this library, you have to warmup the cache. This should be done not in the same process like the detection.

$detector = new \BrowserDetector\Detector($cache, $logger);



$detector = new \BrowserDetector\Detector($cache, $logger);

$result = $detector->getBrowser($request);

The request parameter may be a string, an array or a PSR-7 compatible message.

Usage Examples

Taking the user agent from the global $_SERVER variable

$detector = new \BrowserDetector\Detector($cache, $logger);

$result = $detector->getBrowser($_SERVER);

Using a sample useragent

$detector = new \BrowserDetector\Detector($cache, $logger);

$result = $detector->getBrowser($the_user_agent);

The result

The getBrowser function returns a ua-result object.

Issues and feature requests

Please report your issues and ask for new features on the GitHub Issue Tracker at https://github.com/mimmi20/BrowserDetector/issues