Fast detection of composer dependency issues (dead dependencies, shadow dependencies, misplaced dependencies)


  • πŸ’ͺ Powerful: Detects unused, shadow and misplaced composer dependencies
  • ⚑ Performant: Scans 15 000 files in 2s!
  • βš™οΈ Configurable: Fine-grained ignores via PHP config
  • πŸ•ΈοΈ Lightweight: No composer dependencies
  • 🍰 Easy-to-use: No config needed for first try
  • ✨ Compatible: PHP 7.2 - 8.3


*Time measured on codebase with ~15 000 files


composer require --dev shipmonk/composer-dependency-analyser

Note that this package itself has zero composer dependencies.



Example output:

Found shadow dependencies!
(those are used, but not listed as dependency in composer.json)

  β€’ nette/utils
    e.g. Nette\Utils\Strings in app/Controller/ProductController.php:24 (+ 6 more)

Found unused dependencies!
(those are listed in composer.json, but no usage was found in scanned paths)

  β€’ nette/utils

(scanned 13970 files in 2.297 s)

Detected issues:

This tool reads your composer.json and scans all paths listed in autoload & autoload-dev sections while analysing:

Shadowed dependencies

  • Those are dependencies of your dependencies, which are not listed in composer.json
  • Your code can break when your direct dependency gets updated to newer version which does not require that shadowed dependency anymore
  • You should list all those packages within your dependencies

Unused dependencies

  • Any non-dev dependency is expected to have at least single usage within the scanned paths
  • To avoid false positives here, you might need to adjust scanned paths or ignore some packages by --config

Dev dependencies in production code

  • For libraries, this is risky as your users might not have those installed
  • For applications, it can break once you run it with composer install --no-dev
  • You should move those from require-dev to require

Prod dependencies used only in dev paths

  • For libraries, this miscategorization can lead to uselessly required dependencies for your users
  • You should move those from require to require-dev

Unknown classes

  • Any class that cannot be autoloaded gets reported as we cannot say if that one is shadowed or not

Unknown functions

  • Any function that is used, but not defined during runtime gets reported as we cannot say if that one is shadowed or not

Cli options:

  • --composer-json path/to/composer.json for custom path to composer.json
  • --dump-usages symfony/console to show usages of certain package(s), * placeholder is supported
  • --config path/to/config.php for custom path to config file
  • --help display usage & cli options
  • --verbose to see more example classes & usages
  • --show-all-usages to see all usages
  • --format to use different output format, available are: console (default), junit
  • --ignore-unknown-classes to globally ignore unknown classes
  • --ignore-unknown-functions to globally ignore unknown functions
  • --ignore-shadow-deps to globally ignore shadow dependencies
  • --ignore-unused-deps to globally ignore unused dependencies
  • --ignore-dev-in-prod-deps to globally ignore dev dependencies in prod code
  • --ignore-prod-only-in-dev-deps to globally ignore prod dependencies used only in dev paths


When a file named composer-dependency-analyser.php is located in cwd, it gets loaded automatically. The file must return ShipMonk\ComposerDependencyAnalyser\Config\Configuration object. You can use custom path and filename via --config cli option. Here is example of what you can do:


use ShipMonk\ComposerDependencyAnalyser\Config\Configuration;
use ShipMonk\ComposerDependencyAnalyser\Config\ErrorType;

$config = new Configuration();

return $config
     //// Adjusting scanned paths
    ->addPathToScan(__DIR__ . '/build', isDev: false)
    ->addPathToExclude(__DIR__ . '/samples')
    ->disableComposerAutoloadPathScan() // disable automatic scan of autoload & autoload-dev paths from composer.json
    ->setFileExtensions(['php']) // applies only to directory scanning, not directly listed files

    //// Ignoring errors
    ->ignoreErrorsOnPath(__DIR__ . '/cache/DIC.php', [ErrorType::SHADOW_DEPENDENCY])
    ->ignoreErrorsOnPackage('symfony/polyfill-php73', [ErrorType::UNUSED_DEPENDENCY])
    ->ignoreErrorsOnPackageAndPath('symfony/console', __DIR__ . '/src/OptionalCommand.php', [ErrorType::SHADOW_DEPENDENCY])

    //// Ignoring unknown symbols

    //// Adjust analysis
    ->enableAnalysisOfUnusedDevDependencies() // dev packages are often used only in CI, so this is not enabled by default
    ->disableReportingUnmatchedIgnores() // do not report ignores that never matched any error

    //// Use symbols from yaml/xml/neon files
    // - designed for DIC config files (see below)
    // - beware that those are not validated and do not even trigger unknown class error

All paths are expected to exist. If you need some glob functionality, you can do it in your config file and pass the expanded list to e.g. ignoreErrorsOnPaths.

Detecting classes from non-php files:

Some classes might be used only in your DIC config files. Here is a simple way to extract those:

$classNameRegex = '[a-zA-Z_\x80-\xff][a-zA-Z0-9_\x80-\xff]*'; //
$dicFileContents = file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/config/services.yaml');

    "~$classNameRegex(?:\\\\$classNameRegex)+~", // at least one backslash
); // or parse the yaml properly

$config->addForceUsedSymbols($matches[1]); // possibly filter by class_exists || interface_exists

Similar approach should help you to avoid false positives in unused dependencies. Another approach for DIC-only usages is to scan the generated php file, but that gave us worse results.

Scanning codebase located elsewhere:

  • This can be done by pointing --composer-json to composer.json of the other codebase


  • Extension dependencies are not analysed (e.g. ext-json)


  • Check your code by composer check
  • Autofix coding-style by composer fix:cs
  • All functionality must be tested

Supported PHP versions

  • Runtime requires PHP 7.2 - 8.3
  • Scanned codebase should use PHP >= 5.3