Living User eXperience - LUX - the Marketing Automation tool for TYPO3.

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6.3.0 2019-09-14 12:55 UTC



Living User eXperience - LUX - the Marketing Automation tool for TYPO3


LUX is an enterprise software solution to fill the gap between your TYPO3-website and a standalone marketing automation tool. LUX will track, identify, analyse your leads and give the visitors some improved user experience for your website like showing relevant information at the right time.


Example dashboard overview:

Example dashboard overview

Example leadlist:


Show some details:

Some Details

Show relevant information in page view:

Relevant information in page view

Workflow - Define your own trigger(s) and combine them via AND or OR (Enterprise version only):

Workflow trigger

Workflow - Do one or more Actions if a trigger is activated (Enterprise version only):

Workflow action

Ask for the visitors email-address when he/she wants to download an asset:

Email 4 Link

... with a CK editor plugin:

Email for Link with CKEditor


See the full documentation (technical, marketing and privacy)


Extensions for lux


  • Page views
  • Number of website visits
  • Pagefunnel
  • First and last visit
  • Store attributes from any form on the website
  • Enrich information via IP: Country, Region, Company
  • Track any asset download


  • Identify a lead with any webform email field
  • Identify a lead while listening to complete form submits
  • Offer via CkEditor plugin a email4link popup (give me your email and we are going to send you the asset via email)
  • Identify a lead via click in a newsletter email sent by Extension luxletter
  • Identify a lead automatically via frontend login
  • Automaticly merge cookie-ids on second identification (if cookie was removed)
  • Multi-Domain and Multi-Device tracking


  • Last leads per page
  • Dashboard (most important information)
  • Listview
  • Detailview with pagefunnel and activity-log
  • Show pageviews
  • Show asset downloads


  • General scoring (with individual calculation)
  • Category Scoring
  • Contextual content (based on category scoring)

Workflow & User Experience (Enterprise version only)

  • Workflow backend module with a GUI and easy extension possibility
  • Triggers: -- On page visit (define on which number of pagevisit) -- On a minimum scoring -- When lead reaches a categoryscoring -- When lead enters a page of a given category -- If in a time frame -- If a lead gets identified -- If lead company given -- Use your own expressions for doing even mor individual stuff (with Symfony Expression Language) -- Limit to a start action (page visit, download, form submit, etc...)
  • Actions: -- Lightbox with a content element -- Load a content element and show it on the current page -- Hide or show an element of the current page -- Send an email with lead details -- Redirect to any URL -- Send publication to a slack channel -- Send lead to your CRM via interface connection -- Blacklist a visitor

CommandControllers & Scheduler

  • Anonymize leads (for presentations or local development)
  • Cleanup commands (to really erase data)
  • Lead commands to get a summary mail with last activities
  • Service commands (calculate scoring for all leads)
  • Update command after updating from lux 1.x or 2.x to the 3.x version

Privacy Features

  • There is a plugin which allows the visitor to opt-out from tracking
  • It's also possible to use opt-in instead of opt-out
  • The doNotTrack header of the browser will be respected (no change to overrule this!)
  • Toogle IP anonymize function
  • Toggle IP information enrichment over
  • Toggle Tracking of Pagevisits
  • Toggle Tracking of Downloads
  • Toggle Field identification of any form
  • Toogle Email4link functionality
  • CommandController to anonymize records (for developing or for a presentation)
  • Blacklist functionality
  • Workflow blacklist action

Upcoming todos

  • Channel detection with individual GET-params like &lc=emailsignature or &lc=googleadscampaign1
  • Crawler detection e.g. jaybizzle/crawler-detect in StopTracking.php

Possible Enterprise Features in the future

  • Todo: Contacts (Import?)
  • Todo: API (Im- and Export)
  • Todo: A/B Tests
  • Todo: SocialMedia Connection (Twitter)

Interested? Call us!

Technical requirements

lux needs minimum TYPO3 8.7 as a modern basic together with composer mode. Every kind of form extension is supported for the identification feature (powermail, form, formhandler, felogin, etc...). At the moment it's not possible to use lux without composer mode!

Breaking changes !!!

Version Situation Upgrade instructions
From former versions to 3.x The visitor object can handle more cookies now After updating use the update button in extension manager of if you have a lot of data stored, you can also use the LuxUpdateCommandController to prevent timeouts


Version Date State Description
6.3.0 2019-09-14 Task Small update of the telecommunication provider list
6.2.0 2019-08-27 Feature Updated disallowed mail provider list and updated telecommunication provider list
6.1.0 2019-08-14 Feature Stop tracking of google bots before records get persisted, add some new signals, small cleanup
6.0.0 2019-08-10 Feature New dashboard views: Add identified leads per month, add overall statistics, Html refactoring, Don't show wrong default image for leads, New VH for luxenterprise, Documentation update
5.1.0 2019-08-08 Task Performance update lead list, Keep filter, Don't show duplicates in page content, Add new task to delete a visitor by any property, Disallowed mail providers update, Cleanup tasks bugfix
5.0.0 2019-07-31 Task Opt-in functionality, Luxletter support, Identification via frontend-login
4.1.2 2019-07-25 Bugfix Fix email4link email sending functionality on some edge cases
4.1.1 2019-07-13 Bugfix Bugfix for PHP 7.3 - Fluid errors in backend modules
4.1.0 2019-07-07 Task Toggle ckeditor configuration, don't add if ckeditor is not installed, fix typo
4.0.0 2019-06-14 Task Include concept of finishers, don't ask again if identified with email4download
3.0.0 2019-06-10 Task Multi device tracking, form listening, show browser and os information of leads
2.5.0 2019-06-04 Task Some preperations for luxenterprise
2.4.0 2019-06-03 Feature Replace eos with expression-language, Add url f. workflows, doc update, php cleanup
2.3.1 2019-05-20 Bugfix Show correct last visited date in lead list in backend
2.3.0 2019-04-17 Feature Move client to serverside check for disallowed mail providers, small fixes
2.2.0 2019-03-07 Feature Show status in extension manager settings, Show lead name of unidentified leads
2.1.0 2019-03-07 Task Small cleanup, Update and use case-insensitive search in telecom provider list
2.0.3 2019-02-26 Bugfix Show module action switcher in T3 9.5, remove unneeded stuff from former releases
2.0.2 2019-02-25 Bugfix Small bugfix for TER uploads
2.0.1 2019-02-25 Bugfix Small fixes with default values if configuration is missing
2.0.0 2019-02-24 Task Publish lux as community version (without Workflows), removeAll CommandController
1.24.0 2018-11-07 Task Update disallowed telecommunication provider list
1.23.0 2018-08-17 Task Update disallowed mail provider and telecommunication list
1.22.0 2018-07-23 Task Update disallowed mail provider list
1.21.1 2018-06-28 Task Code cleanup, update telecommunication provider list, performance improvement
1.21.0 2018-06-28 Task Add blacklist function for onetime-email-accounts in email4link functionality
1.20.3 2018-05-24 Task Update privacy link in a new tab.
1.20.2 2018-05-24 Task Small locallang update.
1.20.1 2018-05-24 Bugfix Small documentation update.
1.20.0 2018-05-24 Feature Bugfixes, Privacy checkbox in email4link, Manual blacklisting.
1.19.0 2018-04-24 Task Documentation update. Telecommunication provider list update.
1.18.0 2018-04-21 Feature Introduce summary-mails in command controller.
1.17.0 2018-04-12 Feature Publish to multiple slack channels now.
1.16.1 2018-04-12 Bugfix Fix for chrome select boxes in workflow module, fix filter select in content view.
1.16.0 2018-04-12 Feature Show company from IP-address on different places. Add company trigger.
1.15.1 2018-04-04 Bugfix Allow links in lightboxes now.
1.15.0 2018-04-04 Task Add documentation, Dashboard: Show percentual values. Performance in content view.
1.14.0 2018-03-26 Bugfix Small bugfixes (CKeditor Plugin, Dateformat)
1.13.2 2018-03-18 Bugfix Small bugfixes.
1.13.1 2018-03-15 Bugfix Small bugfixes.
1.13.0 2018-03-14 Task Add css grid for dashboard. Small bugfixes.
1.12.0 2018-03-13 Feature Disable tracking if be-user is logged in. Small bugfixes.
1.11.0 2018-03-12 Feature Some privace features. Some brush up. Add contextual content plugin.
1.10.0 2018-03-10 Task Some small improvements. Add a opt-out plugin.
1.9.0 2018-03-08 Task Some changes to see categoryscorings.
1.8.0 2018-03-07 Feature Optical refactoring of pageoverview. Bugfix in category scoring.
1.7.0 2018-03-07 Feature Add identified trigger and slack action.
1.6.0 2018-03-06 Task Add categoryscoring. Bugfix: Don't track downloads with email4link twice.
1.5.1 2018-03-05 Bugfix Prevent exception in backend.
1.5.0 2018-03-05 Task Finish workflow modules with initial triggers/actions. Small bugfixes.
1.4.0 2018-03-04 Task Split backend modules, add content analysis, integrate nearly complete workflow
1.3.0 2018-03-02 Task Don't show full download path in frontend with email4download
1.2.0 2018-03-01 Task Some small fixes in backend analysis show identified and recurring.
1.1.1 2018-02-27 Bugfix Some small fixes in backend analysis and email4link functionality.
1.1.0 2018-02-26 Task Show more relevant information in detail view. Small fixes.
1.0.1 2018-02-26 Bugfix Fix some smaller bugs that occurs with live data
1.0.0 2018-02-26 Task Initial Release with a stable tracking, identification and analyses