Vendor library that is used in the honeybee-agavi-cmf-project.

0.2.88 2022-05-10 09:39 UTC


Provides a fully functioning cmf boilerplate, that is built with honeybee and agavi. It is used by being integrated into a honeybee-agavi-cmf-project via composer and can be customized from there on.


This repository is NOT meant to be run standalone. The following steps make it possible though:

  • git clone git@github.com:honeybee/honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor.git
  • cd honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor
  • composer install
  • mkdir app/cache
  • mkdir app/log

Setup local configuration files (adjust values accordingly):

  • sudo mkdir /usr/local/honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor
  • create /usr/local/honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor/environment and put the environment name in there: development
  • create /usr/local/honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor/config.json with: {"local":{"base_href":"https://devbox.local/"}}
  • create /usr/local/honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor/couchdb.json with: {"couchdb":{"host":"localhost","port":5984,"user":"honeybee","password":"honeybee"}}
  • create /usr/local/honeybee-agavi-cmf-vendor/elasticsearch.json with: {"elasticsearch":{"host":"localhost","port":9200}}

Create XInclude files to enable the modules, download and compile assets and run status test:

  • composer init-standalone

From here on you may run migrations to setup the write- and readside databases/indices:

  • bin/cli honeybee.core.migrate.run

Create an administrative user:

  • bin/cli honeybee.system_account.user.create