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What is eZ Publish?

eZ Publish is a professional PHP application framework with advanced CMS (content management system) functionality. As a CMS it's most notable feature is its revolutionary, fully customizable and extendable content model. This is also what makes it suitable as a platform for general PHP development, allowing you to develop professional Internet applications fast.

Standard CMS functionality, like news publishing, e-commerce and forums is already implemented and ready for you to use. Its stand-alone libraries can be used for cross-platform, database independent PHP projects.

eZ Publish is database, platform and browser independent. Because it is browser based it can be used and updated from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.


eZ Publish is dual licensed. You can choose between the GNU GPL and the eZ Publish Professional License. The GNU GPL gives you the right to use, modify and redistribute eZ Publish under certain conditions. The GNU GPL license is distributed with the software, see the file LICENSE. It is also available at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt Using eZ Publish under the terms of the GNU GPL is free of charge.

The eZ Publish Proprietary License gives you the right to use the source code for making your own commercial software. It allows you full protection of your work made with eZ Publish. You may re-brand, license and close your source code. eZ Publish is not free of charge when used under the terms of the Professional License. For pricing and ordering, please contact us at info@ez.no or visit http://ez.no/products/proprietary_license_options

eZ Publish features

  • User defined content classes and objects
  • Advanced search engine
  • Role based permissions system
  • Advanced template engine
  • Version control
  • Professional workflow management
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Support for Unicode
  • Task system for easy collaboration
  • Image conversion and scaling
  • Database abstraction layer
  • XML handling and parsing library
  • SOAP communication library
  • Localisation and internationalisation libraries
  • Several other reusable libraries
  • SDK (software development kit) and full documentation


Read doc/INSTALL or go to http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish

Issue tracker

Submitting bugs, improvements and stories is possible on https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP. If you discover a security issue, please see how to responsibly report such issues on https://doc.ez.no/Security.

Where to get more help

eZ Publish documentation: http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish eZ Publish forums: http://share.ez.no/forums/