The component allows you to create, modify, and extract archive files of various formats. The currently supported archives formats are Tar (with the flavours: ustar, v7, pax, and gnu) and Zip.

1.5.1 2023-02-23 19:38 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-23 22:16:32 UTC



- Wrong mtime, chown, chgrp for symlinks extracted from the archive. 
  --> lchown, lchgrp are not (yet) implemented in PHP. 
  --> Touch resolves the symlink.
- Pax: Writing to archive is not implemented.
- Gnu: Writing to archive is not implemented.

- Text or binary-file bit is not set in the (created) archive.
- Extracting of a file is done all in memory. 
  --> Extracting a deflated file without a header is recently fixed in PHP. 
      (Use string filter)
- Check the bitflag, because it is now always 0.
- We use the same version as InfoZip (10). 
- Files are always compressed with the deflate algorithm.
  --> Need to find out the best algorithm. E.g. no compression on small files 
      or files that are already compressed.
- Zip64 is not implemented.

- Common functions from character and blockfile must be moved to ArchiveFile.

- Some tests use executables: tar, gzip, bzip2 and will probably not work on 
  other machines or platforms.