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Headless LMS

v0.0.1 2021-05-05 15:13 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-23 10:55:49 UTC


Laravel Headless LMS REST API.

swagger API phpunit phpunit downloads downloads downloads



To install defult docker enviroment either clone this repo or use

composer create-project escolallms/api escola-lms

Postgres (default)

make init


make init-mysql

Demo & Credentials

Role Email ID Password
Admin secret
Tutor secret
Student secret


This is fully working demo. Note that content is regeneraed every day - it's a seeder that is not persistent, every day database and files are cleared and rebuilt from skratch.


There are hundreds of tests in the packages and they are divided into:

Integration packages test

Each packge contains their own php integration test this repo runs all of the

To run use ./vendor/bin/phpunit

End-to-end tests is running end-to-end tests

To launch those use yarn && yarn run cypress open

You can see the results in the cypress dashboard including video artifacts


See makefile for all availabe devops tasks

  • make test-phpunit
  • make test-behat
  • make bash
  • make composer-update
  • make swagger-generate
  • make migrate-fresh
  • make switch-to-postgres
  • make switch-to-mysql
  • make migrate-mysql
  • make migrate-postgres
  • make test-phpunit-postgres
  • make test-behat-postgres
  • make test-phpunit-mysql
  • make test-behat-mysql
  • make init
  • make init-mysql
  • make init-postgres