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v0.0.10 2021-06-28 18:00 UTC

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The lib allows headlessly

  • play all h5p content - exposed all essential data, yet player is needed
  • edit all h5p content - exposed all essential data, yet editor is needed
  • CRUD libraries
  • CRUD content
  • upload library from .h5p file
  • upload content from .h5p file

See Swagger documented endpoints.

Some tests can also be a great point of start.

To play the content you can use EscolaLMS H5P Player


  1. composer require escolalms/headless-h5p
  2. php artisan migrate

Storage links

You need to publish many of files to be availabe as public link.

php artisan h5p:link which creates a symbolic link from storage/app/h5 and vendor/h5p/h5p-core and vendor/h5p/h5p-editor to be accesible to public, as follows

public_path('h5p') => storage_path('app/h5p'),
public_path('h5p-core') => base_path().'vendor/h5p/h5p-core',
public_path('h5p-editor') => base_path().'vendor/h5p/h5p-editor',


All the endpoints need to be accesible from other domains, so CORS must be properlly set.

Except of endpoints assets must expose CORS headers as well. You achive that by setting Apache/Nginx/Caddy/Whatever settings - below is example for Nginx for wildcard global access.

location ~* \.(eot|ttf|woff|woff2|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|wav|mp3|mp4|mov|ogg|webv)$ {
    add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *;


To seed content and library

php artisan db:seed --class="\EscolaLms\HeadlessH5P\Database\Seeders\ContentLibrarySeeder"

You can seed library and content with build-in seeders as command that are accessible with

  • php artisan h5p:seed to add just libraries
  • php artisan h5p:seed --addContent to add content with libraries

Road map

  • caching
  • content export
  • some transaltions are missing
  • casading delete
  • sql foreign keys indexing
  • clearup task - deleting temp files, marked for delete
  • in some contents, js libs content is invalid