Boilerplate template to quickly kick off a new SilverStripe project

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The SilverStripe Boilerplate aims to make it easier to kick of a new SilverStripe project, just download it and get started.


Original Fork

how to install

# create the project
# make sure to point to the new remote afterwards
composer create-project bramdeleeuw/recipe-boilerplate ./myproject dev-master

configuration (with .env)

You can move the .env.example to a file named .env, the file should look like this (more infos at

this method is recommended for database and environment configuration, because you can easily exclude it from version control

# What kind of environment is this: development, test, or live (ie, production)?

# Database settings

# Configure a default username and password to access the CMS on all sites in this environment.

# Make sure the command line knows what the site url is

now just run and you are done, no further setup required, you are ready to go

how to use

This boilerplate is based on the assumption that the project will be a customized website/webapp. So you might notice there is no theme in the themes folder, the plan is to add all templates, javascript and css/scss into mysite. Which has the benefit of having the whole project at one place, not separated into 2 folders.

file structure

|-- src // your php code in here
|-- client // your frond end code goes in here
|   |-- src
|   |   |-- js // your js files and modules
|   |   |-- styles // your sass files and modules
|   |-- dist // compiled code
|-- images // project images
|-- templates // your templates, that others put into themes/mytheme/templates
|-- .gitignore
|-- .htaccess
|-- _config.php
|-- package.json
|-- webpack.mix.js
|-- yarn.lock