SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module

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5.1.0 2022-10-11 23:36 UTC


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Adds address fields to a DataObject and also has support for automatic geocoding of the provided address.

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Composer Install

composer require symbiote/silverstripe-addressable:~4.0


  • SilverStripe 4.0+


Changes from SilverStripe 3.X

  • GoogleGeocoding changed class name to Symbiote\Addressable\GeocodeService
    • The static method address_to_point was changed to a non-static method called addressToPoint. This allows you to use the Injector and replace GeocodeService with something else if you need to.
  • Addressable::set_allowed_states(array('' => '', 'NSW' => "New South Wales")); has been deprecated in favour of config values.
  • Addressable::set_allowed_countries(array('' => '', 'AU' => "Australia")); has been deprecated in favour of config values.
  • Addressable::set_postcode_regex(...); has been deprecated in favour of config values.
    • Addressable::set_postcode_regex config value has been deprecated in favour of Addressable::postcode_regex
      • NOTE: Previously there was a hack in Addressable that read Addressable::set_postcode_regex config value, then called Addressable::set_postcode_regex() to update the protected static postcode_regex; value in the Addressable __construct() method.


  • Mark Taylor for adding the ability to easily embed a map with AddressMap
  • Nic for writing tests for this module
  • AJ Short for initially writing this module