Add schema to a Silverstripe page

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3.0.0 2024-02-26 10:29 UTC

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Add schema's to you pages. This module comes with the following standard schema's

  • Website schema
  • Breadcrumbs schema
  • Organization schema
  • Local Business Schema
  • News Article Schema

To find out more about these schema's and why you should include them on your page see the documentation by Google.

The end goal is to have a module that adds the necessary tools to easily make your own schema's. This is possible by extending the base SchemaBuilder class.

Creating new Schema's

An example schema builder, that returns a basic array with properties.

 * Class MySchemaBuilder
class MySchemaBuilder extends SchemaBuilder 
    public function getSchema($page)
        $mySchema = array(
            // schema properties
        return $mySchema;

The output of the get_schema() method is json encoded and appended to the head of the page. The output can either be an array or an object. For the standard builders, the module supplies different SchemaTypes where schema's can be build with as an alternative to an array. You can inspect one of the predefined builder to see these types in action. A complete list of possible schema types to work with would be one of the future features. Submitting a pull request with any Schema types or builders you created would be much appreciated!

Adding Schema's

To add the schema's to different page types you simply specify these in the config as such:

  default_image: 'path/to/logo.png'
    - 'Broarm\Schema\SchemaExtension'
    - 'Broarm\Schema\Builder\LocalBusiness'
    - 'Broarm\Schema\Builder\Website'
    - 'Broarm\Schema\Builder\Breadcrumbs'
    - 'Broarm\Schema\Builder\NewsArticle'


The local business schema builder searches for the following fields on the SiteConfig. Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country and Phone these can be easily added by the silverstripe-australia/addressable module. The local business builder also checks if the Geocodable extension is set and if so adds the lat and lng to the build schema.


The breadcrumb schema builder looks for the standard getBreadcrumbItems() method. You can overwrite this method on your page class if neccicary.


The organization builder requires a phone field on the site config. For the SameAs field (Shows social media link in the knowledge graph box) the builder now looks for SocialMediaPlatform relations on SiteConfig. This is something that will be changed for a more generic approach


The website schema builder set the site name and url and if FulltextSearchable is enabled it also adds an Search Action. The search action is visible in google as a Sitelinks Searchbox.


The following Schema's are to be added in the near future, feel free to make a PR or any suggestions.

  • Events
  • Products
  • Courses
  • Music
  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Movies
  • TVSeason
  • TVEpisode
  • Videos