A spam protector and form field using the new Google's reCAPTCHA 2 aka No Captcha

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2.0.5 2019-09-16 20:00 UTC


Adds a "spam protection" field to SilverStripe userforms using Google's reCAPTCHA 2 service.

Note, this implements reCAPTCHA 2, not 3.



composer require undefinedoffset/silverstripe-nocaptcha

After installing the module via composer or manual install you must set the spam protector to NocaptchaProtector, this needs to be set in your site's config file normally this is mysite/_config/config.yml.

    default_spam_protector: UndefinedOffset\NoCaptcha\Forms\NocaptchaProtector

Finally, add the "spam protection" field to your form fields.


There are multiple configuration options for the field, you must set the site_key and the secret_key which you can get from the reCAPTCHA page. These configuration options must be added to your site's yaml config typically this is mysite/_config/config.yml.

    site_key: "YOUR_SITE_KEY" #Your site key (required)
    secret_key: "YOUR_SECRET_KEY" #Your secret key (required)
    verify_ssl: true #Allows you to disable php-curl's SSL peer verification by setting this to false (optional, defaults to true)
    default_theme: "light" #Default theme color (optional, light or dark, defaults to light)
    default_type: "image" #Default captcha type (optional, image or audio, defaults to image)
    default_size: "normal" #Default size (optional, normal, compact or invisible, defaults to normal)
    default_badge: "bottomright" #Default badge position (bottomright, bottomleft or inline, defaults to bottomright)
    proxy_server: "" #Your proxy server address (optional)
    proxy_port: "" #Your proxy server address port (optional)
    proxy_auth: "" #Your proxy server authentication information (optional)

# The following options can also be specified through Environment variables with Injector config
      SiteKey: '`SS_NOCAPTCHA_SITE_KEY`'
      SecretKey: '`SS_NOCAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY`'
      ProxyServer: '`SS_OUTBOUND_PROXY`'
      ProxyPort: '`SS_OUTBOUND_PROXY_PORT`'
      ProxyAuth: '`SS_OUTBOUND_PROXY_AUTH`'

Adding field labels

If you want to add a field label or help text to the Captcha field you can do so like this:

	->setTitle("Spam protection")
	->setDescription("Please tick the box to prove you're a human and help us stop spam.");

Commenting Module

When your using the silverstripe/comments module you must add the following (per their documentation) to your _config.php in order to use nocaptcha/spamprotection on comment forms.


Reporting an issue

When you're reporting an issue please ensure you specify what version of SilverStripe you are using i.e. 3.1.3, 3.2beta, master etc. Also be sure to include any JavaScript or PHP errors you receive, for PHP errors please ensure you include the full stack trace. Also please include how you produced the issue. You may also be asked to provide some of the classes to aid in re-producing the issue. Stick with the issue, remember that you seen the issue not the maintainer of the module so it may take allot of questions to arrive at a fix or answer.