Image optimization plugin for WordPress by WP Media.

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Optimize images in one click: get lighter images without losing quality, convert WebP and speed up your website!

Imagify is the most advanced tool to optimize images. You can now use this power directly in WordPress.

After enabling it, all your images including thumbnails will be automatically optimized when uploaded into WordPress. You can also use Imagify to convert WebP images, which will additionally reduce the size of your website making it faster.

WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery compatible.

Bulk Optimization

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Why Is It Important to Optimize Images?

A fast site is important primarily for visitors who may leave a website that is too slow, but also for SEO performance since search engines consider website speed as a ranking factor.

Website size is one of the most important factors that affect the website performance: images can account for 50% of your loading time.

By optimizing images you will quickly gain precious seconds and make your website faster.

Learn more about image compression, check that: https://imagify.io/images-compression.

Why Use Imagify to Optimize Images?

Imagify can optimize all images: jpgs, pngs, pdfs and gifs (whether animated or not).

You already have lots of unoptimized images? Not a problem, you will love the Bulk Optimizer to optimize all your existing images in one click.

Imagify can directly resize your images, you won't have to lose time anymore on resizing your images before uploading them.

There are three optimization levels available - Normal, Aggressive and Ultra.

  • Normal, a lossless compression algorithm. The image quality won't be altered at all.
  • Aggressive, a lossy compression algorithm. Stronger compression with a tiny loss of quality most of the time this is not even noticeable at all.
  • Ultra, our strongest compression method using a lossy algorithm.

With the backup option, you can change your mind whenever you want by restoring your images to their original version or optimize them to another compression level.

How About WebP images?

Now, for each image you optimize with the Imagify plugin, you will also get its WebP version (if you tick the option in the settings); in your Media library, this will result in the following image versions:

  • full-sized optimized image,
  • full-sized WebP image,
  • optimized thumbnails,
  • WebP thumbnails.

The optimization will also work for images included in your themes and plugins.

If you want, Imagify can also display WebP images on your front-end in two ways:

  • <picture> tag,
  • rewrite rules in the .htaccess file.

If you kept a backup copy of the original images, you have the possibility to create their WebP version separately (one by one or via the bulk optimization).

What our users think of Imagify?

"Imagify is an awesome tool that is powerful & easy to use. It's fast, rivals and surpasses other established plugins/software. Awesome!" — Simon Harper

"If you want to "squeeze" your images as much as possible and "trim out" your website on the highest professional level... Imagify" — Ivica Delic

"Clearly Imagify is the most awesome WordPress plugin to compress images on your website! A must try" — Eric Walter

Is Imagify Free?

You can optimize for free 20MB of images (about 200 images) every month. You can convert WebP for free.

Need more? Have a look at our plans: https://imagify.io/pricing.

What's next?

Have a look at our upcoming features by following our development roadmap: https://trello.com/b/3Q8ZnSN6/imagify-roadmap.

Who we are?

We are WP Media, the startup behind WP Rocket the best caching plugin for WordPress.

Our mission is to improve the web, we are making it faster with WP Rocket and lighter with Imagify.

Get in touch!

Composer installation

You can use composer to install the plugin as a dependency:

composer require wp-media/imagify-plugin

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License: GPLv2 or later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which formats can be optimized?

Imagify can optimize images such as jpg, png and gif (whether animated or not) formats and for each image you optimize you also get its WebP version if you tick the option in the settings (except for animated gif).

Can I use the plugin with a free account?

Absolutely. You are limited to a quota of 25 MB of images per month with a free account. Once this quota is reached, you cannot optimize new images until your quota is renewed or you purchase credits.

On how many websites can I use the plugin?

You can use the plugin on as many sites as you wish. The only limit is the optimization quota of your account.

I used Kraken, Shortpixel, Optimus, EWWW or WP Smush, will Imagify further optimize my images?

Absolutely. Most of the time, Imagify will still be able to optimize your images even if you have already compressed them with another tool.

What is the difference between the Normal, Aggressive and Ultra compression levels?

Normal compression is a "lossless" optimization. This means there is no loss of image quality. Aggressive and Ultra compression are more powerful, so the picture quality will be somewhat reduced. The weight of the image will be much less.

Is the EXIF data of images removed?

EXIF data is not removed.

Will the original images be deleted?

No. Imagify automatically replaces the images with an optimized image. The backup option allows you to keep the original images and restore them with one click.

Is it possible to re-optimize images with a different level?

Yes. By activating the backup option in the plugin, you can re-optimize each image with a different compression level.

If I use Imagify, do I need to continue optimizing and resizing my images with Photoshop?

Do not waste your time resizing and optimizing your images in Photoshop. Imagify takes care of everything!

What happens when the plugin is disabled?

When the plugin is disabled, your existing images remain optimized. Backups of the original images are still available if you have enabled the images backup option.