PHPUnit extender for bootstrapping unit and WordPress integration test suites.

v3.0.3 2023-05-10 15:56 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-10 18:09:17 UTC


This reusable package bootstraps our PHPUnit unit and integration tests. It includes:

  • bootstrapping for both Unit and Integration tests
  • phpunit.xml.dist for each test suite
  • TestCase for each test suite
  • Common polyfill functions

This means your repo only needs its tests. w00t!

Configuring Composer in Your Repo

In your repo's composer.json file, add the following "require-dev" dependency:

"wp-media/phpunit": "^2.0"

Custom Bootstrapping Your Repo

Sometimes you need a custom bootstrapping solution in your repo, such as loading a factory, handling licensing, etc. Here are the steps to get you rolling:

  1. Add a bootstrap.php file in Unit or Integration directory.
  2. In your Tests/Integration/bootstrap.php file, add the following code to it:
	function() {
		// Do your bootstrapping work here.

Custom Test Case

When you need to customize the test case, extend off of the base test cases in this package:

  • For a custom integration, extend off of WPMedia\PHPUnit\Integration\TestCase.
  • For a custom unit, extend off of WPMedia\PHPUnit\Unit\TestCase.