Mocking utility for PHP functions and WordPress plugin API

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Brain Monkey

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Brain Monkey is a tests utility for PHP.

It provides two set of helpers:

  • the first are framework-agnostic tools that allow to mock (or monkey patch) and to test behavior of any PHP function
  • the second are specific to WordPress and make unit testing of WordPress extensions a no-brainer.


Via Composer following packages are required:

When installed for development, following packages are also required:


Brain Monkey is open source and released under MIT license. See LICENSE file for more info.

Question? Issues?

Brain Monkey is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to open issues there for suggestions, questions and real issues.

Who's Behind

I'm Giuseppe, I deal with PHP since 2005. For questions, rants or chat ping me on Twitter (@gmazzap) or on "The Loop" (Stack Exchange) chat.

Well, it's possible I'll ignore rants.