WordPress extensions for PHPStan

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Static analysis for the WordPress ecosystem.


Add this package to your project.

composer require --dev szepeviktor/phpstan-wordpress

Make PHPStan find it automatically using phpstan/extension-installer.

composer require --dev phpstan/extension-installer

Or manually include it in your phpstan.neon.

    - vendor/szepeviktor/phpstan-wordpress/extension.neon


Needs no extra configuration. 😃 Simply configure PHPStan - for example - this way.

    level: 5
        - plugin.php
        - inc/

Please read PHPStan Config Reference.

💡 Use Composer autoloader or a custom autoloader!


Just start the analysis: vendor/bin/phpstan analyze then fix an error and GOTO 10!

You find futher information in the example directory e.g. example/phpstan.neon.dist

Usage in WooCommerce webshops

Please see WooCommerce Stubs

What this extension does

  • Makes it possible to run PHPStan on WordPress plugins and themes
  • Loads php-stubs/wordpress-stubs package
  • Defines some core constants
  • Handles special functions and classes e.g. is_wp_error()

Make your code testable

  • Write clean OOP code: 1 class per file, no other code in class files outside class Name { ... }
  • Structure your code: uniform class names (WPCS or PSR-4), keep classes in a separate directory inc/
  • Add proper PHPDoc blocks to classes, properties, methods, functions
  • Choose your main plugin file parts.
  • Avoid using core constants, use core functions
  • Avoid bad parts of PHP
    • functions: eval, extract, compact, list
    • type juggling: $a = '15'; if ($a) ...
  • If you need robust code try avoiding all kinds of type juggling (e.g. if needs a boolean), see Variable handling functions
  • If you are not bound by PHP 5 consider following Neutron Standard
  • Do not enable exit_error in WP_CLI::launch or WP_CLI::runcommand to keep your code testable

Dirty corner (FAQ)

WordPress uses conditional function and class definition for override purposes. Use sed command to exclude function stubs when they are previously defined.

sed -i -e 's#function is_gd_image#function __is_gd_image#' vendor/php-stubs/wordpress-stubs/wordpress-stubs.php