Butterfly.CMS on Yii2

1.1.0 2020-04-16 22:01 UTC

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Innovative Content Management System based on Yii2 framework. And it's all.

P/s^ A little patience...😉

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* - actually in progress development


To install the app, run the following command`s in the console:

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist wdmg/butterfly.cms example.com
$ cd example.com
$ php init

...or use automatic mode:

$ php init --env=development --overwrite=y --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=mysql --dbcharset=utf8 --dbname=example --tbprefix=btf_ --dbuser=root --dbpassword=root --create_db=y --migrations=y


After set of environment and configure db connection, run the following commands in the console for apply migrations:

$ php yii admin/init
$ php yii options/init --choice=3
$ php yii users/init --choice=3
$ php yii rbac/init --choice=2

After apply all migrations you may login to dashboard: http://example.com/admin/ with username admin and password admin.

Status and version [in progress development]

  • v.1.1.0 - Added multi-language support (partially)
  • v.1.0.18 - Added yii2-media and yii2-forms modules. Update dependencies
  • v.1.0.17 - Added yii2-blog module. Update dependencies
  • v.1.0.16 - Update dependencies, added yii2-turbo, yii2-amp, yii2-search, yii2-rss, yii2-sitemap, yii2-widgets
  • v.1.0.15 - Added yii2-content module. Update dependencies