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  • PHP


    Image support in CKEditor for the TYPO3 ecosystem

  • PHP


    The Task Center is the framework for a host of other extensions, see below.

  • PHP


    Modern TYPO3 Frontend User Registration.

  • reelworx/rx-shariff

    Shariff implementation for TYPO3 CMS including the backend module, a viewhelper and a plugin.

  • PHP


    Can render a TypoScript path by URL, especially useful for Ajax dispatching

  • PHP


    Bootstrap Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework.

  • PHP


    Find and fetch missing local files from different remotes

  • PHP


    The fluidpages package from FluidTYPO3

  • PHP


    [clickstorm] SEO - Extension for TYPO3. Enables important onpage features for search engine optimization (SEO). Expands the page settings and any desired records for example with a preview for Google search results (SERP) Structured Data (JSON-LD) and a Focus Keyword. Restrictive hreflang and canonical tags. Modules for metadata of records and alternative texts of images. Further features are shown in the extension manual.

    Abandoned! See clickstorm/cs-seo

  • PHP


    Actions are 'programmed' admin tasks which can be performed by selected regular users from the Task Center. An action could be creation of backend users, fixed SQL SELECT queries, listing of records, direct edit access to selected records etc.

  • PHP


    German (de) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.

  • PHP


    Crawler extension for TYPO3

    Abandoned! See tomasnorre/crawler

  • PHP


    Client extension for the t3monitoring service

  • typo3/cms-base-distribution

    TYPO3 CMS Base Distribution

  • jigal/t3adminer

    Adminer as BE module to work with the database