TYPO3 CMS Extension to test everything in the TYPO3 Backend

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Welcome to the living Styleguide for TYPO3 CMS backend. Presents supported styles for TYPO3 backend modules.

Official repository for TYPO3 CMS extension "styleguide" with changelog.

Table of content

  1. Typography
  2. TCA / Records
  3. Trees
  4. Tab
  5. Tables
  6. Avatar
  7. Buttons
  8. Infobox
  9. FlashMessages / Notification
  10. Icons
  11. Debug
  12. Helpers


This Styleguide comes as a TYPO3 extension for the TYPO3 backend. It appears as backend module within the Help/Manuals navigation section.


With composer based TYPO3 installation add this Styleguide by running the following command on shell within project root (where the root composer.json file resides):

composer require --dev typo3/cms-styleguide

Composer will automatically find, download and extract the appropriate version into extension manager. After that, activate Styleguide extension from TYPO3 backend in Extension Manager, or via cli:

bin/typo3 extension:activate styleguide

TYPO3 Extension Repository

The extension is currently not uploaded to the TER. Please consider switching to a composer based setup.


Once loaded, the extension will hook into the '?' menu in the toolbar of your TYPO3 backend. See above screenshot. It will show a happy little menu with tons of functionality. Have fun to explore!

Menu section 'TCA / Records' allows to create a set of demo data. Clicking 'Create ...' over there, your system will be busy with some record crunching for a while. Give it some time until a 'Data created' message shows up. Going to the Web -> List modules afterwards, a new page tree 'styleguide TCA demo' has been created with lots of sub pages. 'elements basic' is a good start, just open the 'English' default language record to be impressed by all the capabilities of just the 'simple' TCA types. If you want to use something like that in own extension, have a look at the Configuration/TCA folder for details.


Disclaimer: This styleguide does not look perfect - besides documentation the guide should also point out missing concepts and styles. Therefore every imperfect style also is a todo. The solution could be included in the TYPO3 CMS core at any stage.

This guide is highly inspired by Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and Pattern Lab.