A Sentry client for TYPO3. It forwards errors and exceptions to Sentry -

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5.0.1 2023-09-15 12:20 UTC


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TYPO3 logs error messages and exceptions to logfiles and the backend log module. This extension sends them to Sentry, a SaaS/self-hosted application which aggregates them and informs you by mail. In Sentry you see a error messages with additional information like stacktrace, HTTP headers and submitted request/form data.

Technical decisions

Exceptions through database outages (imagine a mysql server restart) should not be reported, so the db connection is checked before. Exceptions may be excluded via regexp on their message (won't fix this error => exclude it). TYPO3 throws a lot of PHP Notices and they are not really interesting in production, they are excluded by default.


$ composer require networkteam/sentry-client

The TER version will not receive updates anymore. Feel free to send us a crate of beer and we will make a new TER release.


File: system/additional.php

if (TYPO3\CMS\Core\Core\Environment::getContext()->isProduction()) {
    // Register exception handler
    $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['productionExceptionHandler'] = Networkteam\SentryClient\ProductionExceptionHandler::class;
    // Forward log messages to Sentry
    $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['LOG']['writerConfiguration'] = [
        \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Log\LogLevel::ERROR => [
            \Networkteam\SentryClient\SentryLogWriter::class => [],
    // Set sentry/sentry options
    // $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['sentry_client']['options']['server_name'] = 'web3';

Environment variables

Since Sentry SDK 2.x there are environment variables which can be used, for example in a .htaccess file:


Feature Toggles

  • Ignore database connection errors (they should better be handled by a monitoring system)
  • Report user information: Select one of none | userid
  • Ignore exception message regular expression
  • Ignore LogWriter Components

Request ID

If the web server has set a request ID header X-Request-Id, this is transmitted as a tag to trace errors to logs.

How to test if the extension works?

page = PAGE
page.20 = USER
page.20 {
  userFunc = Networkteam\SentryClient\Client->captureException

This triggers an error that will be reported.

Issue tracker

This extension is managed on GitHub. Feel free to get in touch at


There is a Slack channel #ext-sentry_client



  • New option "disableDatabaseLogging": When enabled, exceptions are not written to database table sys_log
  • Introduce Sentry Integrations
  • Allow passing sentry/sentry options via EXTCONF
  • Ignore exceptions, that are ignore in TYPO3 core
  • Use sentry/sentry instead of sentry/sdk (Thanks to @derhansen)
  • !!! Option "logWriterLogLevel" removed. LogWriter needs to be configured in system/additional.php
  • !!! Option "messageBlacklistRegex" renamed to "ignoreMessageRegex"
  • !!! Option "logWriterComponentBlacklist" renamed to "logWriterComponentIgnorelist"
  • !!! The old option names still work
  • !!! Drop support for TYPO3 v10
  • !!! Drop support for non-composer usage


  • Add log message interpolation (Thanks to @sascha-egerer)
  • Add Fingerprint to log messages
  • Deprecated: Usage of DebugExceptionHandler


  • Client IP is anonymized with IpAnonymizationUtility::anonymizeIp(). Thanks to @extcode
  • Add X-Request-Id as tag. Thanks to @bergo
  • Small code optimizations. Thanks to @tlueder and @LeoniePhiline


  • Add stacktrace to LogWriter messages for message grouping in Sentry
  • Add LogWriter component ignorelist
  • Add v11.5 support
  • Drop v9.5 support


  • Add experimental LogWriter
  • Remove setting activatePageNotFoundHandling
  • Ignore PageNotFoundException by default
  • Support TYPO3 proxy setting
  • Use sentry/sdk:3.1


  • Use sentry/sdk:2.0
  • Remove setting productionOnly
  • Remove setting reportWithDevIP
  • Rename setting activatePageNotFoundHandlingActive to activatePageNotFoundHandling
  • Report E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE
  • Strip project root
  • Show event id in FE