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  • PHP


    This is a collection of ViewHelpers for performing rendering tasks that are not natively provided by TYPO3's Fluid templating engine.

  • HTML


    Shows info about TYPO3, installed extensions and a separate module for available modules.

  • PHP


    TYPO3 CMS File Metadata - Adds additional metadata to file management.

  • typo3/minimal

    Minimal required set of TYPO3 extensions

  • PHP


    This TYPO3 extension extends the grid-based concept known from the backend layout of pages to regular content elements - the grid elements. It offers a lot of new features like advanced drag & drop or real references, that improve the usability of the page and list module to speed up the daily work with the backend.

  • PHP


    The TYPO3 testing framework provides base classes for unit, functional and acceptance testing.

  • PHP


    TYPO3 CMS Dashboard - TYPO3 backend module used to configure and create backend widgets.

  • sjbr/static-info-tables

    Data and API for countries, languages and currencies for use in TYPO3 CMS.

  • PHP


    Apache Solr for TYPO3

  • PHP


    TYPO3 CMS LinkValidator - Checks for broken links and displays results in the (Info>LinkValidator) backend module.

  • PHP


    Powermail is a well-known, editor-friendly, powerful and easy to use mailform extension for TYPO3 with a lots of features

  • PHP


    TYPO3 CMS Open Docs - Shows opened documents for the TYPO3 backend user.

  • PHP


    TYPO3 CMS Indexed Search - Provides indexing functionality for TYPO3 pages and records as well as files including PDF, Word, HTML and plain text.

  • PHP


    TYPO3 testing framework that provides base classes and configuration for PHPUnit tests

  • PHP


    Define allowed or denied content element types in your backend layouts