You can set password conventions to force secure passwords for BE users.

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10.2.0 2023-07-17 09:22 UTC


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This extension keeps the editor's password safe and secure

What does it do?

This extension

  • can set different patterns for the BE user's password
    • capital chars
    • lower chars
    • digits
    • special chars
    • and set the number of patterns a password must have
  • can set a minimum length of a password
  • is checking the password in setup module and in BE user record
  • is able to set a period of time a password becomes expired and a BE user needs to change it
  • is able to force this password change
    • a BE user with an expired password has only access to the setup module
  • is able to lookup in the pawned password database if the password is found in data breaches

How to install?


composer require spooner-web/be_secure_pw

TYPO3 Extension Manager

Search for be_secure_pw and install it via the EM interface

ZIP upload in EM

Go to the TER page and download the ZIP file. After that, upload it in your TYPO3 Backend in the EM interface.

How to contribute?


  • Lightwerk GmbH and its customer who wants such a solution for password
  • Torben Hansen for the code of PawnedPasswordService
  • All other contributors