Search Extension for TYPO3, including faceting search functions.

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ke_search is a search engine for the TYPO3 content management system.

It offers fulltext search and faceting possibilities. Faceting means you can narrow down your search results by selecting certain categories, called facets or filter options.

It is very flexible: By writing your own indexer you can put any content you want into the index.

ke_search comes with strong defaults and with very little configuration. You can have a powerful search engine in your TYPO3 website, eg. images in the search result list and faceting without templating or coding.

ke_search does not use frontend crawling but fetches content elements and data records directly from the database. For the most used content types indexers are provided within the extension itself, including pages and news.

You can find a rendered version of the documentation at

If you found a bug or want to ask for a feature, please use

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