Search Extension for TYPO3, including faceting search functions.

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v5.4.1 2024-04-19 08:32 UTC


ke_search is a search engine for the TYPO3 content management system.

It offers fulltext search and faceting possibilities. Faceting means you can narrow down your search results by selecting certain categories, called facets or filter options.

It is very flexible: By writing your own indexer you can put any content you want into the index.

ke_search comes with strong defaults and with very little configuration. You can have a powerful search engine in your TYPO3 website, eg. images in the search result list and faceting without templating or coding.

ke_search does not use frontend crawling but fetches content elements and data records directly from the database. For the most used content types indexers are provided within the extension itself, including pages and news.

If you found a bug or want to ask for a feature, please use


Code contributions are welcome.

The recommended way is to fork the project on GitHub and create a pull request.

Please explain what your patch is intended to do either by creating an issue first or by adding an explanation to the pull request.

You can checkout the project locally with

git clone

(adapt the repository URL to your cloned repository)

Then install the dependencies and run the coding-standards command to copy the files .editorconfig and .php-cs-fixer.dist.php to the root directoy of the package.

cd ke_search
composer install
composer exec typo3-coding-standards extension


Manual testing

To test manually if your code is working, set up a TYPO3 instance for testing and symlink or deploy the directory ke_search to your TYPO3 test instance to typo3conf/ext/ke_search. If you deploy the code (e.g. by using PHPStorm "Deployment" feature), you can ignore the .Build directory.

There are also ome helpers available to test your automatically, see below.

Unit Tests

To run the unit tests:

composer test:unit


To check the code with PHPStan

composer test:phpstan

This will create a file phpstan-report.log which contains the errors.

PHP Code Style Fixer

To check the code with php-cs-fixer

composer test:php-cs-fixer

This will create a file php-cs-fixer-report.log which contains the errors.

To fix the code styling according to the TYPO3 coding guidelines automatically run

.Build/bin/php-cs-fixer fix

Automated tests in GitHub Actions

The automated tests are automatically executed after a push or a merge request by GitHub Actions.