There is no license information available for the latest version (v0.11) of this package.

SymEdit - Symfony2 Content Management System (CMS)

v0.11 2015-12-18 18:56 UTC


SymEdit is a Symfony based Content Management System. It was designed to be simple for users and easily extendable for developers. It tries to stay close to Symfony best practices and methodology so if you know how to use Symfony you can easily add new controllers, routing, forms, etc. and override the default ones as well.

Admin Screenshot


Note that this is for installing and testing SymEdit itself, to install a project for yourself symedit/symedit-standard will be created eventually.

composer create-project -s symedit/symedit

After you have the project created, you need to install the sample data (this sets up the basic page tree, we will probably add a way to only install the basics eventually)

php app/console symedit:install

This will create the database, load the schema, and install fixtures needed for functional tests.


You can administer the site by going to /sym-admin, the default username and password are admin and test respectively.



Could definitely use some help in this aspect. There are some unit tests and functional tests that are run from phpunit so you can just run phpunit to use the existing tests.

There are also Behat tests which can be run by using bin/behat once you've run composer install.

We have a .travis.yml configuration for travis.