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This package provides a simple way to create PDFs in Laravel apps. Under the hood it uses Chromium to generate PDFs from Blade views. You can use modern CSS features like grid and flexbox to create beautiful PDFs.

Here's a quick example:

use Spatie\LaravelPdf\Facades\Pdf;

Pdf::view('pdfs.invoice', ['invoice' => $invoice])

This will render the Blade view pdfs.invoice with the given data and save it as a PDF file.

You can also return the PDF as a response from your controller:

use Spatie\LaravelPdf\Facades\Pdf;

class DownloadInvoiceController
    public function __invoke(Invoice $invoice)
        return Pdf::view('pdfs.invoice', ['invoice' => $invoice])

You can use also test your PDFs:

use Spatie\LaravelPdf\Facades\Pdf;

it('can render an invoice', function () {

    $invoice = Invoice::factory()->create();

    $this->get(route('download-invoice', $invoice))
    Pdf::assertRespondedWithPdf(function (PdfBuilder $pdf) {
        return $pdf->contains('test');

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For running the testsuite, you'll need to have Puppeteer installed. Pleaser refer to the Browsershot requirements here. Usually npm -g i puppeteer will do the trick.

Additionally, you'll need the pdftotext CLI which is part of the poppler-utils package. More info can be found in in the spatie/pdf-to-text readme. Usually brew install poppler-utils will suffice.

Finally run the tests with:

composer test


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