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This package enables the creation of rich data objects which can be used in various ways. Using this package you only need to describe your data once:

  • instead of a form request, you can use a data object
  • instead of an API transformer, you can use a data object
  • instead of manually writing a typescript definition, you can use... 🥁 a data object

A laravel-data specific object is just a regular PHP object that extends from Data:

use Spatie\LaravelData\Data;

class SongData extends Data
    public function __construct(
        public string $title,
        public string $artist,
    ) {

By extending from Data you enable a lot of new functionality like:

  • Automatically transforming data objects into resources (like the Laravel API resources)
  • Transform only the requested parts of data objects with lazy properties
  • Automatically creating data objects from request data and validating them
  • Automatically resolve validation rules for properties within a data object
  • Make it possible to construct a data object from any type you want
  • Add support for automatically validating data objects when creating them
  • Generate TypeScript definitions from your data objects you can use on the frontend
  • Save data objects as properties of an Eloquent model
  • And a lot more ...

Why would you be using this package?

  • You can be sure that data is typed when it leaves your app and comes back again from the frontend which makes a lot less errors
  • You don't have to write the same properties three times (in a resource, in a data transfer object and in request validation)
  • You need to write a lot less of validation rules because they are obvious through PHP's type system
  • You get TypeScript versions of the data objects for free

Are you a visual learner?

In this talk, given at Laracon, you'll see an introduction to Laravel Data.

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