Drop-in Trait to use removed ConsecutiveParams from PhpUnit

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PHPUnit Consecutive Parameters

After PHPUnit has removed the possibility to use withConsecutive, which was used by thousand of UnitTests, developers need a replacement which is not offered in a neat way at the moment.

Until this problem is solved directly in PHPUnit, this library offers a simple solution to use a replacement of withConsecutive again. The original solution posted here.


$ composer require --dev seec/phpunit-consecutive-params




namespace Your\Namespace\For\Tests;

use SEEC\PhpUnit\Helper\ConsecutiveParams;

final class TestRunnerContextTest extends TestCase
    use ConsecutiveParams;

    public function test_it_can_use_consecutive_replacement(): void
        $mock = $this->createMock(\stdClass::class);
                ['a', 'b'],
                ['c', 'd'],
                ['e', 'f']

Another example for automatic replacement in correctly formatted code:

    ['a', 'b'],
    ['c', 'd'],
    ['e', 'f']


    ['a', 'b'],
    ['c', 'd'],
    ['e', 'f']