Pickup point plugin for Sylius

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Add a <select> that contains pickup points to your select shipping checkout step.

List of pickup points

Supported providers

  • DAO
  • GLS
  • PostNord
  • Fake provider (for development/playing purposes)



This is the shipping method step in the checkout process where you can choose a pickup point.

Screenshot showing checkout select shipping step with pickup points available

On the complete order step in checkout you can see the pickup point you have chosen.

Screenshot showing checkout complete step with pickup point address


On the order you can see what pickup point the customer has chosen.

Screenshot showing admin order shipping page with pickup point address

When you edit shipping method you can associate a pickup point provider to that shipping method.

Screenshot showing admin shipping method with some pickup point providers


Step 1: Install and enable plugin

Open a command console, enter your project directory and execute the following command to download the latest stable version of this plugin:

$ composer require setono/sylius-pickup-point-plugin

This command requires you to have Composer installed globally, as explained in the installation chapter of the Composer documentation.

Add bundle to your config/bundles.php:

# config/bundles.php

return [
    // ...
    Setono\SyliusPickupPointPlugin\SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
    // ...

Step 2: Import routing and configs

Import routing

# config/routes/setono_sylius_pickup_point.yaml
    resource: "@SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin/Resources/config/routing.yaml"

Import application config

# config/packages/setono_sylius_pickup_point.yaml
    - { resource: "@SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin/Resources/config/app/config.yaml" }    

(Optional) Import fixtures to play in your app

# config/packages/setono_sylius_pickup_point.yaml
    - { resource: "@SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin/Resources/config/app/fixtures.yaml" }    

Step 3: Update templates

Add the following to the admin template SyliusAdminBundle/ShippingMethod/_form.html.twig

{{ form_row(form.pickupPointProvider) }}

See an example here.

Next add the following to the shop template SyliusShopBundle/Checkout/SelectShipping/_shipment.html.twig

{% form_theme form.pickupPointId '@SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin/Form/theme.html.twig' %}

{{ form_row(form.pickupPointId) }}

See an example here.

Next add the following to the shop template SyliusShopBundle/Common/Order/_shipments.html.twig after shipment method header:

{% include "@SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin/Shop/Label/Shipment/pickupPoint.html.twig" %}

See an example here.

Next add the following to the admin template SyliusAdminBundle/Order/Show/_shipment.html.twig after shipment header:

{% include "@SetonoSyliusPickupPointPlugin/Shop/Label/Shipment/pickupPoint.html.twig" %}

See an example here.

Step 4: Customize resources

Shipment resource

If you haven't extended the shipment resource yet, here is what it should look like:

// src/Entity/Shipment.php


namespace App\Entity;

use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;
use Setono\SyliusPickupPointPlugin\Model\PickupPointAwareTrait;
use Setono\SyliusPickupPointPlugin\Model\ShipmentInterface;
use Sylius\Component\Core\Model\Shipment as BaseShipment;

 * @ORM\Entity()
 * @ORM\Table(name="sylius_shipment")
class Shipment extends BaseShipment implements ShipmentInterface
    use PickupPointAwareTrait;

Shipping method resource

If you haven't extended the shipping method resource yet, here is what it should look like:

// src/Entity/ShippingMethod.php


namespace App\Entity;

use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;
use Setono\SyliusPickupPointPlugin\Model\PickupPointProviderAwareTrait;
use Setono\SyliusPickupPointPlugin\Model\ShippingMethodInterface;
use Sylius\Component\Core\Model\ShippingMethod as BaseShippingMethod;

 * @ORM\Entity()
 * @ORM\Table(name="sylius_shipping_method")
class ShippingMethod extends BaseShippingMethod implements ShippingMethodInterface
    use PickupPointProviderAwareTrait;

You can read about extending resources here.

Update shipping resources config

Next you need to tell Sylius that you will use your own extended resources:

# config/packages/_sylius.yaml

                model: App\Entity\Shipment
                model: App\Entity\ShippingMethod

Step 5: Configure plugin

Enable desired providers

Note that:

  • faker provider will not work on prod environment
  • budbee provider require setono/budbee-bundle to be installed
  • coolrunner provider require setono/coolrunner-bundle to be installed
  • gls provider require setono/gls-webservice-bundle to be installed
  • dao provider require setono/dao-bundle to be installed
  • post_nord provider require setono/post-nord-bundle to be installed
# config/packages/setono_sylius_pickup_point.yaml
        faker: true
        budbee: true
        coolrunner: true
        gls: true
        post_nord: true
        dao: true

If you want to use cache

Cache disabled by default. To enable it, make next configuration:

# config/packages/setono_sylius_pickup_point.yaml

        enabled: true
        pool: setono_sylius_pickup_point.provider_cache_pool

Step 6: Update database schema

bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate 

Step 7: Update validation groups

Add checkout_select_shipping to sylius.form.type.checkout_select_shipping.validation_groups:

# config/packages/_sylius.yaml

    sylius.form.type.checkout_select_shipping.validation_groups: ['sylius', 'checkout_select_shipping']

Step 8: Install assets

bin/console sylius:install:assets  
bin/console sylius:theme:assets:install


To see pickup points list, use next example address at checkout:

Dannebrogsgade 1
9000 Aalborg
Hämeentie 1
00350 Helsinki
Vasterhaninge 1
137 94 Stockholm

Note, that providers have their pickup points only at given countries:

So, to play with all 3 providers at once - use DK address.


  • At /en_US/checkout/select-shipping step you see No results found at Pickup point id field.

    • Check your browser's developer console and make sure JS scripts loaded correctly. Also make sure setono-pickup-point.js compiled (read as you not forgot to run sylius:install:assets).

    • Make sure content of plugin's src/Resources/views/_javascripts.html.twig actually rendered. If not - probably, you erased {{ sonata_block_render_event('') }} from your custom layout.html.twig.

    Also, make sure {{ sonata_block_render_event('sylius.admin.layout.javascripts') }} in place at your admin's layout.html.twig if it was customized.

    • If you're using themes, make sure you executed sylius:theme:assets:install after plugin installation.
  • The service "setono_sylius_pickup_point.registry.provider" has a dependency on a non-existent service "setono_post_nord.http_client".

    You should specify setono_post_nord.http_client configuration or define Buzz\Client\BuzzClientInterface service to use as default http client. See Setono/PostNordBundle#1

    You should add config/packages/buzz.yaml and config/packages/nyholm_psr7.yaml configs.

  • You're facing Pickup point cannot be blank. validation error at /checkout/address step at your application

    Make sure you're followed instructions from Installation step 7.