ribs-admin-bundle it offer the possibility to create fully personalisable and administrable pages ! You can also add you awn modules and/or modules added by the community

0.1.4 2020-01-07 08:28 UTC


Scrutinizer Code Quality Licence


RibsAdminBundle is a symfony Bundle that allow you to manager your website. With this bundle you will be able to :

  • Create | edit | delete users
  • Give access rights to users
  • Create lists of access rights and put users into them
  • Create | edit | delete page
  • Manage pages contents with ribs-wysiwyg
  • Manage navigation
  • Add module compatible with RibsAdminBundle
  • As a server administrator you can manage cron with CronBundle


WIP : this part can change in case of developpment requirments

Go in your Symfony project and install the bundle with composer.

Possibility to add plugin

RibsAdminBudle allow to create module that you can add in backend of admin and laso use them on the front app

composer require piou-piou/ribs-admin-bundle    

Edit configuration of symfony

Nothing to do, Flex will do that for you :)