ribs-admin-bundle it offer the possibility to create fully personalisable and administrable pages ! You can also add you awn modules and/or modules added by the community

0.1.3 2018-01-29 07:36 UTC



RibsAdminBundle is a symfony Bundle that allow you to manager your website. With this bundle you will be able to :

  • Create | edit | delete users
  • Give access rights to users
  • Create lists of access rights and put users in them
  • Create | edit | delete page
  • Manage pages contents with WYIWIG system
  • Manage navigation
  • Add module compatible with RibsAdminBundle


WIP : this part can change in case of developpment requirments

Go in your Symfony project and install the bundle with composer.

composer require piou-piou/ribs-admin-bundle    

Edit configuration of symfony

Nothing to do, Flex will do that for you :)