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Nette Initialization and base library

This package aims to make creating new projects easier. It includes some base library files (presenters and base components), which I use in every project. Then it initializes project with some non-library files and basic directory structure.


Each project shares some base classes, configuration and practices with each other. Those parts are part of our workflow and we change them as our skills evolve. I created this package to automate creation of new projects (copying commonly used files from old projects, creating directory structure, ...), and to avoid unnecessary fuss when some common parts change.

This package includes

Library part

  • Base presenters and components
  • Premade componenets, including custom asset loader
  • Premade layout files
  • Configuration files with extensions and security headers
  • Multiple router implementaitons
  • Authenticator
  • Extra Form validators
  • Extra Latte macros and filters

Copied part

  • Directory structure with standard files (bootstrap, index)
  • Docker image
  • CI configuration

How to use

For technical information about this project, visit documentation.