Composer template for Drupal 7 and Symfony bind together with drupal-sf-dic

dev-master 2017-09-11 16:00 UTC


The goal here is to kickstart a pre-configured project with Drupal 7 & Symfony bound together with the drupal-sf-dic module.

Based on : drupal-project


First you need to install composer.

After that you can launch :

composer create-project makinacorpus/drupal-template-sf some-dir --stability dev

And follow instructions.

What does the template do?

  • Installs Drupal 7
  • Initializes settings.php
  • Configures drupal-sf-dic
  • Creates a Symfony-like directory organization with default config files
  • Configures Drupal for using Twig
  • Initializes a new profile
  • Initializes new Bootstrap based frontend theme using Twig (if desired)
  • Initializes new drupal-badm based backend theme (if desired)
  • Installs drupal-usync


  • Add weback (+babel) integration
  • Patchs gestion