Demo application for showcasing the AdminLTEBundle

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-11-20 17:13:25 UTC


This repository contains an example Symfony 4 application for the AdminLTE-Bundle.

It serves as a living documentation for first time users and easier testing of theme features.

Please read the theme documentation for more information on how to use this theme.


Simple as that:

composer create-project kevinpapst/adminlte-bundle-demo

Now spin up the PHP built-in webserver and enjoy the demo:

cd adminlte-bundle-demo
bin/console server:run

and see it running at

Frontend assets

If you want to re-compile the frontend assets execute:

yarn install
yarn run build

Testing different languages

Be aware that ONLY the theme translations will change (like login screen and toolbar dropdowns), the demo itself is not translated!

  • Simple solution: This demo supports locales via URLs, use the dropdown in the pages head navigation.
  • Permanent solution: Edit the file config/services.yaml and change from locale: 'en' to something like locale: 'ar'.

Real world examples

If you want to see the theme in action (in a real world application), checkout my time-tracking application Kimai.