Free newsletter extension for TYPO3 for an individual email marketing. A lot of analytics and modern concepts. Works with and without EXT:lux.

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3.1.2 2021-03-17 18:20 UTC

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Luxletter - Email marketing in TYPO3. Send newsletters the easy way.

Inspired by TYPO3 extension direct_mail - thank to the authors for the great work


Email marketing tool in TYPO3. Just build and send newsletters to your customers. This extension does not need EXT:lux but works together with the marketing automation tool for TYPO3 to get even more receiver analytics data. Just add some HTML as content for your newsletters anywhere in the web or directly on your website, parse it and go for it.

Aspects of luxletter

The upside

  • A useful and nice dashboard shows you the relevant information in the backend
  • Modern newsletter extension for TYPO3 9
  • Tracking of clicks via PSR-15 interface in TYPO3
  • Sending mails in queue via symfony command controller
  • Records for fe_groups (and there related fe_users) are used to send mails to
  • An unsubscribe plugin is already included
  • A teaser content element helps you to create newsletters out of default content elements in TYPO3
  • Every website can be used as prototype for your newsletter
  • A third party mailserver can be used for newsletters

The downside

  • At the moment there is no bounce-management (Do you want to sponsor it? Contact us!)
  • fe_users records are needed to send emails (sorry guys - no tt_address at the moment )
  • There is no registration plugin for fe_users in EXT:luxletter. Please use a different extension (like femanager) for this task


Example dashboard in TYPO3 module:

Example dashboard in TYPO3

Example dashboard overview:

Example dashboard overview

Example newsletter im mail inbox:

example mail

Example newsletter list view:

Newsletter list

Example newsletter creation - step 1:


Example newsletter creation - step 2:


Example newsletter creation - step 3:


See the receiver activities if you have also installed the free extension lux:

Receiver details

Create teasers from content elements with a teaser plugin:

Teaser content elements


See the full documentation (installation, configuration, newsletters and analysis)

Technical requirements

  • TYPO3 9 or 10 LTS is the basic CMS for this newsletter tool.
  • EXT:lux is not needed to run luxletter but both extensions can work together to show more relevant information.
  • This extension needs to be installed with composer (classic installation could work but is not supported and tested).
  • fe_users records are used to send emails to while fe_groups is used to select a group of them

Sponsored features (please get in contact to us if you want to sponsor a new feature)

  • Import of fe_users from tt_address (to migrate easier from direct_mail to luxletter)
  • Editview of existing newsletters (reparse function?)
  • Move global newsletter configuration to records to use different settings per newsletter

Installation with composer

composer require "in2code/luxletter"


Version Date State Description
3.1.2 2021.03.17 Task Add extension key to composer.json
3.1.1 2021.01.19 Bugfix Prevent exception on missing links in middleware
3.1.0 2021.01.10 Feature Autoreleases to TER added, small bugfix with deleted receivers
!!! 3.0.0 2020.12.17 Feature templateRootPaths for content element rendering increased from 10 to 100 - please update your TypoScript! Signal added, show correct number of receivers, Some other smaller bugfixes
2.4.0 2020.07.10 Feature Settings and variables can be used via TS, fix possible charset and parsing problems
2.3.0 2020.05.10 Task Support lux 8.0.0 now
2.2.2 2020.04.23 Bugfix Fix problem "Table tx_luxletter_domain_model_user doesn't exist" in links from newsletters
2.2.1 2020.04.22 Bugfix Fix CSS class in backend module, fix possible problem with template orderings
2.2.0 2020.04.20 Task Update for TYPO3 10.4 LTS
2.1.0 2020.03.29 Feature User real receiver name in mails, Add API functions to send existing newsletters to new registered users
2.0.1 2020.03.23 Bugfix Prevent exception direct after a new installation when configuration was not yet changed
2.0.0 2020.03.21 Task Update for TYPO3 10 and lux 7, Add widgets to TYPO3 dashboard, Support Mailmessage in TYPO3 9+10
1.2.3 2020.03.19 Task Pass value by reference in signal to change newsletter content
1.2.2 2019.12.11 Bugfix Don't stop sending if there are users without email address in the receiver group
1.2.1 2019.11.26 Bugfix Fix problem on
1.2.0 2019.11.26 Task Show helpful messages in some exceptional cases. Use mediumtext for bodytext for more space now.
1.1.1 2019.09.19 Bugfix Don't throw an exception for empty fe_users.crdate fields
1.1.0 2019.08.20 Bugfix Some css fixes, Fix for default image and small code cleanup
1.0.0 2019.08.02 Task First stable TER release with a useful documentation
0.3.0 2019.07.31 Task Support for lux, Add signal, Receiver module
0.2.0 2019.07.13 Task Fix for PHP 7.3, Fix for default sql mode setting, documentation update
0.1.0 2019.07.10 Task Initial release of a working newsletter extension

Need help with email-marketing or marketing automation?

The company behind Lux, LuxLetter and LuxEnterprise - the complete marketing box for TYPO3 - is looking forward to help you: