There is no license information available for the latest version (3.3.6) of this package.

A deployment helper cli

3.3.6 2020-03-02 16:02 UTC


Phabalicious is the successor of the python tool fabalicious, a deployment helper based on fabric. Phabalicious is a complete rewrite in PHP using the symfony framework. It uses the same fabfile.yaml as fabalicious.



  • Download the latest version from Github

  • copy the phar to a suitable folder, e.g. /usr/local/bin and rename it to phab:

    cp phabalicious.phar /usr/local/bin/phab
  • Make it executable, e.g.

    chmod +x /usr/local/bin/phab

Build from source

You'll need box for building the phar-file.

  • Clone the repository
  • run composer install
  • run composer build-phar
  • run composer install-phar this will copy the app to /usr/local/bin and make it executable.

Add it via composer.json

  • run composer require factorial-io/phabalicious
  • then you can run phabalicious via ./vendor/factorial-io/fabablicious/bin/phab (or create a symbolic link)

Running phab

  • Run phab list to get a list of all available commands.
  • Run phab help <command> to get some help for a given command.

Shell autocompletion

Add this to your shell-startup script:

  • for fish-shells

    phab _completion --generate-hook --shell-type fish | source
  • for zsh/bash-shells

    source <(phab _completion --generate-hook)

Updating phab

  • Run phab self-update, this will download the latest release from GitHub.

If you want to get the latest dev-version, add --allow-unstable=1

Enhancing phab, contributing to phab

We welcome contributions! Please fork the repository, create a feature branch and submit a pull-request. Please add test-cases for your bug-fixes or new features. We are using pre-commit to check code-style (PSR2) etc.

  • Run pre-commit install to install the pre-commit-hooks.


You can find an extensive documentation at https://factorial-io.github.io/phabalicious