Packages from carbon

  • CSS


    A small Fusion prototype to create nice only-backend documents

  • PHP


    Output compression and minification for Neos CMS

  • carbon/condition

    This package provides some fusion helper for making writing conditions (`@if`) easier.

  • JavaScript


    This package provides a tiny Fusion helper for dialogues.

  • carbon/editable

    This package extends the Fusion prototype `Neos.Neos:ContentComponent`, `Neos.Neos:Content` and `Neos.Neos:Editable`. It is all about to toggle editability.

  • PHP


    Some nice Eel helper for

  • carbon/firstelement

    Get a boolean value returned if a content element is the first element in a ContentCollection or not

  • JavaScript


    Some frontend resouces for Neos CMS

  • JavaScript


    Carbon.Gulp is a delicious blend of tasks and build tools poured into Gulp to form a full-featured modern asset pipeline for Flow Framework and Neos CMS.

  • carbon/hyphen

    Make hyphens easier in Neos CMS

  • PHP


    Image helper for Neos CMS

  • PHP


    Include your assets (css, js) in an easy way into Neos

  • carbon/layout

    Fast and easy layout handler for

  • carbon/link

    Link helper for Neos CMS

  • HTML


    Navigation and frontend redirect helper for Neos CMS

  • carbon/notification

    This package provides a tiny fusion helper for notifications.

  • carbon/primarycontent

    Extended implementation from PrimaryContent

  • PHP


    Responsive image helper for Neos CMS

  • carbon/sqlitecache

    Enable SQLite Cache in Neos

  • PHP


    Include file content helper for Neos CMS

    Abandoned! See carbon/eel

  • carbon/googletracking

    Include GoogleTracking in Neos

    Abandoned! See neos/googleanalytics