This package extends the Fusion prototype `Neos.Neos:ContentComponent`, `Neos.Neos:Content` and `Neos.Neos:Editable`. It is all about to toggle editability.

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Carbon.Editable Package for Neos CMS

This package extends the Fusion prototype Neos.Neos:ContentComponent, Neos.Neos:Content and Neos.Neos:Editable. It is all about to toggle editability.


Carbon.Editable is available via packagist. Add "carbon/editable" : "^1.0" to the require section of your composer.json or run composer require carbon/editable.

Neos.Neos:ContentComponent and Neos.Neos:Content

With the new property contentElement (default to true) you can turn off the content element wrapping. Great if you want to use content elements for components without any abillity to edit or inside another content element.


You'll get some new features for this prototype:

Property Default value Description
editable true Set to false if you want to disable the editable feature
tagName this.class ? 'div' : null If this property is set, the tag is always written
innerTagName null Pass an additional, inner tag inside the tagName
class null Pass a class to the tagName

The already existing property block get a new default value: this.tagName ? false : true. If don't make use of the tagName everything stays the same.


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE