Make hyphens easier in Neos CMS

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Carbon.Hyphen Package for Neos CMS

Make hyphens easier

Optional word-breaks are hard to enter in Neos CMS. This package provides a Fusion wrapper for phpSyllable


composer require carbon/hyphen



Just use the Carbon.Hyphen:Text Fusion object as a processor or wrapper on the Fusion value that should be hyphenated.

superlongValue = 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'
superlongValue.@process.hyphenate = Carbon.Hyphen:Text {
  locale = 'en-gb'


Similar to text elements you can use Carbon.Hyphen:Html for HTML elements.

someFusionHtml.@process.hyphenate = Carbon.Hyphen:Html

Neos CMS integration example

You can easily activate hyphenation for all Neos CMS text- and headline nodetypes with following Fusion code:

prototype(Foo.Bar:Content.Text) {
  renderer.@process.hyphenate = Carbon.Hyphen:Html

prototype(Foo.Bar:Content.Headline) {
  title.@process.hyphenate = Carbon.Hyphen:Text

or directly on a specific parameter:

prototype(Foo.Bar:Component) {
    headline = Neos.Neos:Editable {
        property = 'headline'
        block = false

    renderer = afx`


locale (string) : Reference to the language in which the given string will be hyphenated
(Have a look at syllable languages for a reference of available languages)

threshold (integer, default = 0) : Minimum amount characters a word needs to have, before it is being hyphenated.


This implementation was heavily inspired by packagefactory/hyphenate.