A small Fusion prototype to create nice only-backend documents

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Carbon.BackendDocument Package for Neos CMS

A small Fusion prototype to create nice only-backend documents.


Carbon.BackendDocument is available via packagist. Add "carbon/backenddocument" : "^1.0" to the require section of your composer.json or run composer require carbon/backenddocument.

Usage of Carbon.BackendDocument:Document

Property Default value Description
singleline true If you want to have a non-centric design, set this to false
content null The content to show
style null Add additional style to the document
title ${q(node).property('title')} The title of the document
namespace carbon-backend The namespace for the css class
javascripts null Add javscript to the document. Please provide also a script tag.
frontendRedirect.node ${q(documentNode).parent().get(0)} The node where the user get redirected in the frontend.
frontendRedirect.statusCode 301 The status code for the redirection


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE