Navigation and frontend redirect helper for Neos CMS

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Carbon.Navigation Package for Neos CMS

This package provides various helps for implementing navigations in your Neos site.


All Node Types are marked as abstract. So you have to include them as supertypes if you want to use them. You can read more about Node Type definition here.


Hide the property _hiddenInIndex. Defined in NodeTypes.NotInMenu.yaml


Turn off all type of SEO properties. Defined in NodeTypes.HideSeo.yaml


(Only in the live context) Redirect the user to the parent page. Defined in NodeTypes.RedirectToParentPage.yaml and ToParentPage.fusion


(Only in the live context) Redirect the user to the first child page, if available. If not, the user gets redirected to the parent page. Defined in NodeTypes.RedirectToFirstChildPage.yaml and ToFirstChildPage.fusion


Insert a property called navigationreferences. It is handy if you want to create a navigation and wants to let the editor to choose which documents should be included. However, you can also pass a custom collection to the Fusion prototype. Defined in NodeTypes.References.yaml and References.fusion

Menu Fusion prototypes

You can edit the default behavior of each fusion prototype in your Settings.yaml. You can set the configuration via Settings.yaml or directly in the corresponding Fusion prototype. The Setting is here to provide an easy way to change some basics without writing Fusion code. If you don't have any entries, no markup at all gets rendered. No more empty <ul> anymore!

Properties for all menu prototypes

Property Description
namespace (string) You can easily change the namespace of the navigation. Useful if you have multiple navigations on your page. Defaults to the name of the prototype
wrapText (boolean || string) If true, the text inside the a gets wrapped with a span. If it is a string, this string will become the tag name. Defaults to false
listTag The tag of the full navigation gets wrapped. If it set to false, the navigation gets no surrounding tag. Defaults to 'ul'
elementTag The tag a navigation entry gets wrapped. If it set to false, the entry gets no surrounding tag. Defaults to 'li'
renderClass (array) The array which defines the css classes for the menu. Read more about this here

The renderClass

The renderClass entry in the setting for each menu type defines the CSS classes for this particular menu. It has three subkeys: list, element and link. Everyone of this key as further entries. If the keys are set to false, this type of class gets not rendered.

Key Description
entryLevel (boolean) Render a class with the entry level
menuLevel (boolean) Render a class with the menu level
subpages (boolean) Render a class who indicate if the node has subpages (shown in the menu) or not
isFirst (boolean) Render a class who indicate the first item in the list
isLast (boolean) Render a class who indicate the last item in the list
state (array) Render classes who indicates which state (normal, active, current or absent) the node has. The values of the states can be false, a string or an array. If it is set to an array, the entry get multiple classes for this particular state
dimension (array) Used only in the dimension menu. You can set if the dimension entry gets also a class with the dimension name (key) and/or the name with the uriPathSegment (value). Very useful if you want to use flags or icons in your dimension menu

Look at Settings.yaml for the default values for the different menu types


Basic Mixin for Menus. Based on Neos.Neos:MenuItems.

Defined in Mixin.fusion


Render a menu with items for nodes. Based on Neos.Neos:MenuItems. Besides the default properties following properties are available:

Property Description
maximumLevels (integer) Restrict the maximum depth of items in the menu (relative to entryLevel) . Defaults to 2
filter (string) Filter items by node type, defaults to 'Neos.Neos:Document,!Carbon.Navigation:NotInMenu'
showHome (boolean) If set to true, the homepage link gets rendererd in the menu. Defaults to false
homeLabel (string) Replace the label from site. If set to false, the label from the site itself get used.
entryLevel (integer) Start the menu at the given depth. If no startingPoint is set, it is defaults to 1, otherwise 0
startingPoint (Node) The parent node of the first menu level
lastLevel (integer) Restrict the menu depth by node depth (relative to site node)
renderHiddenInIndex (boolean) Whether nodes with hiddenInIndex should be rendered, defaults to false
itemCollection (array) Explicitly set the Node items for the menu (alternative to startingPoints and levels)

Defined in Menu.fusion


Provides a list of links, based on nodes which are set in the inspector. Based on Carbon.Navigation:Mixin. itemCollection is set to the closest instance of Carbon.Navigation:References who has the property navigationreferences set. maximumLevels defaults to 1 and renderHiddenInIndex defaults to true.

Defined in References.fusion


Provides a breadcrumb navigation based on the current node. Based on Carbon.Navigation:Mixin. listTag defaults to 'ol'.

Property Description
showHome (boolean) If set to true, the homepage link gets rendererd in the menu. Defaults to false
homeLabel (string) Replace the label from site. If set to false, the label from the site itself get used.

Defined in Breadcrumb.fusion


Create links to other node variants (e.g., variants of the current node in other dimensions) by using this Fusion object. Extends Neos.Neos:DimensionsMenu. If no specific dimension is set, the Neos.Neos:DimensionsMenu prototype output the label from the node, and not the dimensions label. This prototype also fixes this wrong behavior.

Property Description
renderCurrent (boolean) If set to false the current dimension didn't get rendered. Defaults to true
dimension (optional, string) name of the dimension which this menu should be based on. Example: 'language'.
presets (optional, array): If set, the presets rendered will be taken from this list of preset identifiers
includeAllPresets (boolean) If set to true, include all presets, not only allowed combinations. Defaults to false
renderHiddenInIndex (boolean) Whether nodes with hiddenInIndex should be rendered, defaults to true
useUriSegmentAsLabel (boolean) If set to true, the uri segment will get used as label, defaults to false
mulitipleDimensionDivider (string) String to divide multiple dimensions (if no specific dimension is set), defaults to -

Defined in Dimensions.fusion


A small helper to get the label for an menu entry. Per default, it reads the item.label property. If you want to output just the title you can edit the prototye e. g. like this;

prototype(Carbon.Navigation:Label) {
    renderer = ${q(props.item.node).property('title')}

Defined in Label.fusion