Output minification for Flow and Neos

4.0.2 2022-05-30 09:56 UTC

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Carbon.Compression Package for Flow & Neos CMS

This package minifies the HTML output of Flow using wyrihaximus/html-compress.
If you set your templates with AFX, you might not need this package.


composer require carbon/compression

Inner working

The compression http middleware will modify all responses with active X-Compression: Enabled http header. This header is added to Neos.Neos:Page already so this will work for Neos right away. For other controllers, you will have to add the X-Compression: Enabled manually.

Usage below Neos 7

If you want to use HTML compression on older versions of Neos, you can use an older version of this package:

composer require "carbon/compression:^2.1"