Renders static templates via plugin

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v1.0.8 2019-05-15 12:22 UTC

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Last update: 2021-04-15 18:32:09 UTC



  • via composer:
composer require blueways/bw-static-template
  • include static typoscript template
  • include static pageTS template


Add plugin to page

Select fluid template to render (e.g.: `EXT:your_ext/Resources/Private/Partials/Header.html`)

Optional: Pass data into template

Enter valid JSON:

	"templateMarker1": "Example marker data",
	"persons": [
			"name": "Markus Mustermann",
			"contactUid": 3
			"name": "Paul Werner",
			"contactUid": 4

Now you can use the given data in your template, e.g.:

Hello {templateMarker1}!

<f:for each="{persons}" as="person">
	Say hello to < pageUid="{person.contactUid}">{}</>

Optional: Select images

The selected images are accessible as FileReference via `{files}` marker.

<f:for each="{files}" as="file">
	<f:image image="{file}" />