This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the nettrine/migrations package instead.

Implementation of Doctrine Migrations to Nette

v4.2 2016-12-28 22:00 UTC


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Implementation of Doctrine\Migrations to Nette.


composer require zenify/doctrine-migrations

Register extensions in config.neon:

	- Arachne\ContainerAdapter\DI\ContainerAdapterExtension
	- Arachne\EventDispatcher\DI\EventDispatcherExtension
	migrations: Zenify\DoctrineMigrations\DI\MigrationsExtension

	# Kdyby\Doctrine or another Doctrine integration
	doctrine: Kdyby\Doctrine\DI\OrmExtension


config.neon with default values

	table: doctrine_migrations # database table for applied migrations
	column: version # database column for applied migrations
	directory: %appDir%/../migrations # directory, where all migrations are stored
	namespace: Migrations # namespace of migration classes
	codingStandard: tabs # or "spaces", coding style for generated classes
	versionsOrganization: null # null, "year" or "year_and_month", organizes migrations to subdirectories


Open your CLI and run command (based on Kdyby\Console integration):

php www/index.php

And then you should see all available commands:

CLI commands

Migrate changes to database

If you want to migrate existing migration to your database, just run migrate commmand:

php www/index.php migrations:migrate

If you get lost, just use -h option for help:

php www/index.php migrations:migrate -h

Create new migration

To create new empty migration, just run:

php www/index.php migrations:generate

A new empty migration will be created at your migrations directory. You can add your sql there then.

Migration that would add new role "superadmin" to user_role table would look like this:

namespace Migrations;

use Doctrine\DBAL\Migrations\AbstractMigration;
use Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema;

 * New role "superadmin" added.
final class Version20151015000003 extends AbstractMigration

	public function up(Schema $schema)
		$this->addSql("INSERT INTO 'user_role' (id, value, name) VALUES (3, 'superadmin', 'Super Admin')");

	public function down(Schema $schema)
		$this->addSql("DELETE FROM 'user_role' WHERE ('id' = 3);");


Simple as that!

For further use, please check docs in Symfony bundle.


Migrations organization

If you have over 100 migrations in one directory, it might get messy. Fortunately doctrine migrations can organize your migrations to directories by year or by year and month. You can configure it in your config.neon (see above).

	- VersionXXX.php
	- VersionYYY.php
	- VersionZZZ.php

Injected migrations

Note: this is not really best practise, so try to use it only if there is no other way.

namespace Migrations;

final class Version20140801152432 extends AbstractMigration

	 * @inject
	 * @var Doctrine\ORM\EntityManagerInterface
	public $entityManager;

	public function up(Schema $schema)
		// ...

	// ...



composer check-cs


Rules are simple:

  • new feature needs tests
  • all tests must pass
  • 1 feature per PR

We would be happy to merge your feature then!