URI Canonicalizer for Zend Framework 2

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URI Canonicalizer
for Zend Framework 2

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Allows you to configure www and trailing slash of your web site canonical URI. If wrong URI format is provided redirects to the canonicalized URI with HTTP 301.

If you can't or don't know how to configure your web server rewrites to handle URI duplicate content, this module is the smart solution.


  • Redirects ..domain.tld/index.php to ..domain.tld
  • Configure site to use www www.domain.tld or not domain.tld
  • Configure site to use trailing slash ..domain.tld/something/ or not ..domain.tld/something


Following steps are necessary to get this module working, considering a zf2-skeleton or very similar application:

  1. Run: php composer.phar require webino/webino-canonical-redirect:dev-develop
  2. Add WebinoCanonicalRedirect to the enabled modules list


Copy, paste & override following settings to your configuration:

'webino_canonical_redirect' => array(
    'enabled' => true,
    'www'     => false,     // bool = enabled|Use URI with www
    'slash'   => false,     // bool = enabled|Use URI with trailing slash


We will appreciate any contributions on development of this module.

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Please, if you are interested in this Zend Framework module report any issues and don't hesitate to contribute.

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