This extension provides option to translate content element, and TCA record texts to Deepl and Google supported languages using Deepl and Googletranslate Api services.

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3.0.5 2023-07-28 14:45 UTC


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TYPO3 extension wv_deepltranslate

This extension provides automated translation of pages, content and records to languages supported by DeepL.


  • Bulk translation via TYPO3 built-in Translation Wizard
  • Single drop down translation parallel to regular page translation
    • Translate your page with all fields you want
  • One-Click translation of single records
  • Glossary support
    • Manage your own glossaries in TYPO3
    • synchronise glossaries to DeepL API
    • translate content using your glossaries

TYPO3 v12 Early-Access-Programme

A TYPO3 LTS 12 ready versions is currently available for Early-Access-Partners. Partners receive the following services and advantages:

  • Access to the latest extension version wv_deepltranslate — Ready for TYPO3 12 LTS

  • Access to code repository for 12 months, extended access for Composer users for 15 months (via packagist.com)

  • Preferential access to support services

  • Your logo and link on our DeepL Translate website

  • PREVIEW: Access to demo instances with exclusive insights

  • EXCLUSIVE: Add-On Extension: Activate Translated Content — Activates all translated content on a page at the touch of a button.

    The tedious activation of individual content elements is no longer necessary.

Find out more: https://www.web-vision.de/en/deepl.html


Install with your favour:

  • TER
  • Extension Manager
  • composer

We prefer composer installation:

composer req web-vision/wv_deepltranslate
Repository: https://github.com/web-vision/wv_deepltranslate
Read online: https://docs.typo3.org/p/web-vision/wv_deepltranslate/main/en-us/
TER: https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/wv_deepltranslate/


We appreciate very much the sponsorships of the developments and features in the DeepL Translate Extension for TYPO3.

DeepL Glossary feature sponsored by

DeepL "Add automatic translation flag and hint" sponsored by