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Product bundles are two or more existing products combined into a new product for store display and sales purposes. Typically bundles consist of concrete products, because all items in the bundle need to be potential order items (i.e. have stock). The new (bundled) product does not physically exist in the bundled state. A bundle, when bought will still be handled as separate items in the order management system. ProductBundle provides all these product bundle features for combining multiple concrete products to a single one, and selling it.


composer require spryker/product-bundle

The following information describes how to install the newly released ´Product´ module (01/2017). These instructions are only relevant if you need to add this module to an already installed version of the Framework. If you have not yet installed the Spryker Framework, ignore these instructions as include this module in all versions released after January 2017.

Make sure you updated modules to:

Calculation: >=2.2.0, ProductOption: >=3.1.0, SalesAggregator: >=3.1.0, Tax: >=3.1.0 , Cart: >= 2.4.0. Those all minor releases are BC.

Plugin configuration

Plugin configuration is the process of incorporating the module into the project by registering the bundle plugins.

To Register the bundle's plugins:

  1. In \Pyz\Zed\Calculation\CalculationDependencyProvider::getCalculatorStack, add CalculateBundlePricePlugin and position it after the ExpenseTaxWithDiscountsCalculatorPlugin or before GrandTotalWithDiscountsCalculatorPlugin.

  2. In \Pyz\Zed\Cart\CartDependencyProvider::getCartPreCheckPlugins, replace the CheckAvailabilityPlugin with the CartBundleAvailabilityPreCheckPlugin.

  3. In \Pyz\Zed\Cart\CartDependencyProvider::getExpanderPlugins, add CartItemWithBundleGroupKeyExpanderPlugin and position it after CartItemProductOptionPlugin or CartItemPricePlugin if these options are not used.

  4. In \Pyz\Zed\Cart\CartDependencyProvider::getPostSavePlugins, add CartPostSaveUpdateBundlesPluginas the last line.

  5. In \Pyz\Zed\Cart\CartDependencyProvider::getExpanderPlugins, add CartItemWithBundleGroupKeyExpanderPlugin as the last line.

  6. In \Pyz\Zed\Checkout\CheckoutDependencyProvider::getCheckoutPreConditions, add ProductBundleAvailabilityCheckoutPreConditionPlugin.

  7. In \Pyz\Zed\Oms\OmsDependencyProvider::getReservationHandlerPlugins, add ProductBundleAvailabilityHandlerPlugin.

  8. In \Pyz\Zed\Product\ProductDependencyProvider::getProductConcreteAfterUpdatePlugins, add ProductBundleProductConcreteAfterCreatePlugin.

  9. In \Pyz\Zed\Product\ProductDependencyProvider::getProductConcreteAfterUpdatePlugins, add ProductBundleProductConcreteAfterUpdatePlugin.

  10. In \Pyz\Zed\Product\ProductDependencyProvider::getProductConcreteReadPlugins, add ProductBundleProductConcreteReadPlugin.

  11. In \Spryker\Zed\ProductBundle\Communication\Plugin\Sales\ProductBundleOrderSaverPlugin::saveOrder, add ProductBundleOrderSaverPlugin.

  12. In \Spryker\Zed\ProductBundle\Communication\Plugin\SalesAggregator\ProductBundlePriceAggregatorPlugin::aggregate, add ProductBundlePriceAggregatorPlugin.

  13. In \Pyz\Zed\Stock\StockDependencyProvider::getStockUpdateHandlerPlugins, add ProductBundleAvailabilityHandlerPlugin.

Plugin descriptions

  • CalculateBundlePricePlugin - calculates a bundle price.
  • CartBundleAvailabilityPreCheckPlugin - a cart pre-check plugin to check bundle availability. It replaces CheckAvailabilityPlugin.
  • CartItemWithBundleGroupKeyExpanderPlugin - a cart expander plugin which extracts bundle items.
  • CartPostSaveUpdateBundlesPlugin - does a cleanup on unused bundles in a quote.
  • CartItemWithBundleGroupKeyExpanderPlugin - changes the current item group key to include bundle identifier information.
  • ProductBundleAvailabilityCheckoutPreConditionPlugin - checks product bundle availability when placing an order (final checkout step).
  • ProductBundleAvailabilityHandlerPlugin - an availability handler which updates bundle availability every time a bundled item moves to reserved state.
  • ProductBundleProductConcreteAfterUpdatePlugin - is a plugin which persists the product bundle and is used by the Product Management bundle.
  • ProductBundleProductConcreteReadPlugin - writes product bundle data into ProductConcreteTransfer.
  • ProductBundleOrderSaverPlugin - saves bundle related information when an order with the bundle is placed.
  • ProductBundlePriceAggregatorPlugin - aggregates product information for the sale bundle.
  • ProductBundleAvailabilityHandlerPlugin - a stock handler plugin which updates a bundle's available stock when a bundle or bundled product changes.

Database migrations

Database migration is the process of adjusting the DB settings to incorporate the new plugin's activity.

To configure the database migration:

  1. Create a sequence called spy_product_bundle_pk_seq:
CREATE SEQUENCE "spy_product_bundle_pk_seq";

CREATE TABLE "spy_product_bundle"
    "id_product_bundle" INTEGER NOT NULL,
    "fk_bundled_product" INTEGER NOT NULL,
    "fk_product" INTEGER NOT NULL,
    "quantity" INTEGER DEFAULT 1 NOT NULL,
    "created_at" TIMESTAMP,
    "updated_at" TIMESTAMP,
    PRIMARY KEY ("id_product_bundle")

ALTER TABLE "spy_product_bundle" ADD CONSTRAINT "spy_product_bundle-fk_bundled_product"
    FOREIGN KEY ("fk_bundled_product")
    REFERENCES "spy_product" ("id_product")

ALTER TABLE "spy_product_bundle" ADD CONSTRAINT "spy_product_bundle-fk_product"
    FOREIGN KEY ("fk_product")
    REFERENCES "spy_product" ("id_product")
  1. Drop old tables/fields.
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS "spy_sales_order_item_bundle_item" CASCADE;`

`ALTER TABLE "spy_sales_order_item_bundle"

  DROP COLUMN "tax_rate",

  DROP COLUMN "bundle_type";

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS "spy_product_to_bundle" CASCADE;

Yves/Project changes

The following information describes the modifications that need to be done to Yves. You can find the Product module demo implementation and all code for Yves in the current Spryker demoshop.


The way the cart stores the quantity of items has changed.

The number of items in the cart is now returned by $this->cartClient->getItemCount().

To implement the change to the cart:

  1. In \Pyz\Yves\Cart\Plugin\Provider\CartServiceProvider:register, change:
public function register(Application $app)
    $app['cart.quantity'] = $app->share(function () {
        return $this->getClient()->getItemCount();
  1. Cart operations must be updated to cover product bundle logic as follows: instead of CartOperationHandler use \Pyz\Yves\Cart\Handler\ProductBundleCartOperationHandler (you can take this from the demoshop).

  2. Twig changes:

  • src/Pyz/Yves/Cart/Theme/default/cart/parts/cart-item.twig and src/Pyz/Yves/Cart/Theme/default/cart/index.twig - now handle product bundles.
  • Project has received a new module called ProductBundle in which the bundle grouper is currently stored. This groups items for presentation in \Spryker\Yves\ProductBundle\Grouper\ProductBundleGrouper

As result, views where items are displayed have also to be changed in \Pyz\Yves\Cart\Controller\CartController::indexAction:

$cartItems = $this->getFactory()
          ->getGroupedBundleItems($quoteTransfer->getItems(), $quoteTransfer->getBundleItems());


The checkout summary step has changed and needs adjustment to the cart item listing as follows:

In \Pyz\Yves\Checkout\Process\Steps\SummaryStep, inject the grouper and cart client into the SummaryStep, and update getTemplateVariables method.

    * @param \Generated\Shared\Transfer\QuoteTransfer $quoteTransfer
    * @return array
   public function getTemplateVariables(AbstractTransfer $quoteTransfer)
       return [
           'quoteTransfer' => $quoteTransfer,
           'cartItems' => $this->productBundleGrouper->getGroupedBundleItems(

srs/Pyz/Yves/Checkout/Theme/default/checkout/partials/summary-item.twig src/Pyz/Yves/Checkout/Theme/default/checkout/summary.twig have new item rendering structures, take samples from the demoshop.


The customer controller now uses the product bundle grouper.

Change the following In: \Pyz\Yves\Customer\Controller\OrderController::getOrderDetailsResponseData do:

$bundleItemGrouper = $this->getFactory()->createProductBundleGroupper();
       $items = $bundleItemGrouper->getGroupedBundleItems(

       return [
           'order' => $orderTransfer,
           'items' => $items

Take the new implementation for listing order items, including src/Pyz/Yves/Customer/Theme/default/order/partials/order-items.twig.


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