This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the symbiote/silverstripe-seed package instead.

Symbiote Standard Implementation Set.

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8.1.2 2018-06-04 00:25 UTC


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The recommended module compilation for a base project, which provides the most common, and what we consider to be, the most fundamental components when building an intuitive and flexible platform for both users and developers alike.

These module dependencies will be updated over time, so please keep an eye out for future releases!


  • SilverStripe 3.1 → 3.6

Getting Started

The recommended approach is to use composer, considering the large number of module dependencies.

What's Included?

Among some quality of life improvements, you'll find the following modules included (and their benefits below).

Better Buttons

This provides more intuitive buttons when viewing data objects.

Data Change Tracker

This provides improved content change tracking.

Display Logic

This provides the ability to automatically show/hide form fields based on conditions.

Extensible Search

This provides a search page for user customisation and developer extension, including analytics and suggestions.


This provides searchable content tagging (using taxonomy terms).

Google Sitemaps

This provides an automatically generated XML sitemap for your site/s, helping them rank higher with search engines.

Grid Field Extensions

This provides some handy grid field components, such as orderable rows.

Grouped CMS Menu

This provides the ability to group the CMS menu, helping clean up the interface for content authors and administrators.

Honeypot Spam Protection

This provides a simple means of spam protection across forms, and is automatically applied to user forms.


This provides an object that can help manage links, without needing to worry about edge cases.

Listing Page

This provides a page to display arbitrary content listings.


This provides dynamic media holders/pages with customisable attributes, such as blogs and news.


This provides the ability to annotate data objects, based on a given schema.


This provides the ability to manage multiple sites from your site tree.

Multisites Google Analytics

This provides google analytics support for your site/s.

Queued Jobs

This provides the ability to schedule jobs that run at specific times/intervals.

Quick Add New

This provides the ability to create new data objects on the fly when using relationships.

Secure Assets

This provides the ability to restrict file access, similar to pages.


This provides an automatically generated HTML sitemap for your site/s, helping them rank higher with search engines.


This provides nested content tagging (searchable using fusion).

Timed Notices

This provides the ability to display a message to specific CMS users, for a specified duration.

User Forms

This provides a visual form builder, allowing content authors to put their own forms together.

Versioned Files

This provides versioning to files, similar to pages.


You'll also find a number of modules that are suggested (more below), however these are optional, and depend on what you're aiming to achieve.

Advanced Workflow

This allows a review and approve process for content publishing.


This allows a modular approach to building a page layout.

Dynamic Cache

This allows simple yet flexible caching out of the box for dynamic content, including forms.


This allows a modular approach to building page content.