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This plugin adds Google Analytics tracking to your store. It injects the tags directly and hence does not depend on third party tools like Google Tag Manager.


Step 1: Download the plugin

This plugin uses the TagBagBundle to inject scripts onto your page. Please install that bundle before installing this plugin.

composer require setono/sylius-analytics-plugin

Step 2: Enable the plugin

Then, enable the plugin by adding it to the list of registered plugins/bundles in config/bundles.php file of your project before (!) SyliusGridBundle:

$bundles = [
    Setono\SyliusAnalyticsPlugin\SetonoSyliusAnalyticsPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
    Sylius\Bundle\GridBundle\SyliusGridBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Step 3: Configure plugin

# config/packages/setono_sylius_analytics.yaml
    # ...
    - { resource: "@SetonoSyliusAnalyticsPlugin/Resources/config/app/config.yaml" }
    # ...

Step 4: Import routing

# config/routes/setono_sylius_analytics.yaml
    resource: "@SetonoSyliusAnalyticsPlugin/Resources/config/routes.yaml"

Step 5: Update your database schema

php bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

Step 6: Create a property

When you create a property in Google Analytics you receive a measurement id which looks something like G-12345678.

Now create a new property in your Sylius shop by navigating to /admin/google-analytics/properties/new. Remember to enable the property and enable the channels you want to track.

Step 7: You're ready!

The events that are tracked are located in the EventSubscriber folder.


Ways you can contribute:

  • Translate messages and validators into your mother tongue
  • Create Behat tests that verifies the scripts are outputted on the respective pages
  • Create new event subscribers that handle Analytics events which are not implemented

Thank you!